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Hair thinning

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Hi! I have Graves and my hair on top is disappearing far too fast. I am a woman of 70 and getting really depressed about it. Does anyone else have this problem and what do I do about it. Thanks.

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I too had Graves’ and have had a thyroidectomy. My hair is also thinning on top at at the temples and strangely behind the ears. I am lucky to be given Liothyronine with my Levothyroxine and am on a reasonable dose of each for my skinny frame, so I cannot think it is due to poor replacement therapy.I suppose we must accept it as yet another cross to bear with Graves’.

I hope someone responds with a good idea!

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Sunny70 in reply to Hennerton

Thanks for replying and yes I think another cross to bear unfortunately

Ferritin can cause hair loss so it’s worth checking that as can often be low when hyper.

Being hyper and the medication carbimazole can cause hair loss. I think it’s due to changing levels. Can be due to thyroid levels being too high or too low.

Though as someone who had elevated thyroid levels for years it was when my level were low for a short while my hair become thinned & wispy looking the most & I have super fine hair to begin with.

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Sunny70 in reply to PurpleNails

My ferritin came back showing low iron so on meds and hopefully it gets better, thanks

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Important to regularly retest vitamin D, folate and B12 as well as iron and ferritin levels

What are your most recent thyroid results

When were vitamin levels last tested

What vitamin supplements are you currently taking

As you have Graves’ disease are you on strictly gluten free diet

If not, get coeliac blood test done BEFORE considering trial on strictly gluten free diet

If no obvious improvement after 3-6 months gluten free reintroduce gluten see if symptoms get worse.

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Sunny70 in reply to SlowDragon

I am having to ask for results in and will ask for all tests that you have suggested and hopefully get ‘me’ sorted thanks

There are topical treatments like Minoxidil, a lotion or you can get it in a foam. You apply it to the thinning areas twice a day. It was originally a blood pressure drug but a side effect they noticed was increased hair growth, so they devised a topical form at a lower strength that people can buy otc. There are two strengths, 2% or 5%. Although it says women should use the 2% one many have used the 5% with better results.

It is very effective although it will take time to see results, as hair grows slowly. And once you start using it continued use is necessary or hair loss can re occur.

Thanks I’ll try that along with other suggestions 🤞

Sunny70, I can empathize. I have Graves, no eyebrows and a drastically receding hairline. My friend is hypo with wispy hair she hid under a wig. Both in our 70's with no trace of vanity we have had many depressing discussions on our situation. Now I can honestly say we are both really happy with our hair. The solution was finding a really good hairdresser. My friend ditched the dark wig for a short choppy grey and I have blonde highlights with my grey and a cleverly cut long fringe. By all means check out ferritin etc. but it will be a while if at all to see an improvement while a couple of hours with a GOOD hairdresser can work wonders.

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Sunny70 in reply to asiatic

Thanks, I have highlights but think I’m going to get away from a darker base and more a colour that will disguise scalp a bit more as pretty embarrassing too

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asiatic in reply to Sunny70

Yes when my friend's hair was dark the white scalp was more noticeable. Now silvery white and cut short it looks lovely. Hope you find a style that suits.

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Sunny70 in reply to asiatic

Yep think it’s the way to go, I have a Bob but think it’s going to have to be a pretty short one as hair too flyaway especially in the damp Scottish winter!

One of the most common reasons for hair loss or thinning is autoimmune disease.

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Sunny70 in reply to MorecambeBay

I also have fibromyalgia so I’m not on a winner!

I have Hashimotos and an under active thyroid. I’ve been experiencing a huge amount of hair loss for the last few months and it’s so upsetting. It started three months after Covid and then got worse after the vaccine. I’m trying to work out if it’s my thyroid, or Covid etc. All I know is how devastating it is and I just wanted to say I know how you feel. I hope it stops coming out and you start to feel better x

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Sunny70 in reply to LMor

Sounds horrendous for you and hopefully we all get our hair back and in good condition 🤞

I've heard anecdotally that many people have experienced hair loss after covid. It's either a stress response or to do with the high temperature you can get with the virus. I hope it's only temporary and your hair starts to recover.

I never had a temperature with Covid but felt quite ill and I know your body responds around 2-3 months after any illness. My hair got the brunt of it. It did stop falling after 5 weeks and then I had the vaccine and it started again and of corse then the second vaccine so it’s been a long time falling!! 😔

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My hair has dropped out every year -about four years after being diagnosed as hypo and - just before summer it disappears altogether and then slowly grows back. There's nothing I can do nothing to prevent it so I bought some wigs from a good source. I order what I like and pay, then try them on at home. If I don't like any I just send them back and get a refund.

I choose as near to my own hair as possible.

Previously my hair fell out - just before summer 'sigh' and then around December began to grow back again and got my first haircut around May only to follow the above cycle year in and out. Except for this year, it didn't grow back and have not had been to the hairdresser for more than 18 months.

I am now diagnosed as having alopecia areata.

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Sunny70 in reply to shaws

So sorry to hear this, best wishes

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LMor in reply to shaws

I’m So sorry. One thing I have noticed (because I always test my thyroid at different points of how I’m feeling) is that when my Tsh goes below range I’ve worked out my hair falls out so much more. My T4 & 3 are then low in range which would mean I needed an increase in levo but then my Tsh would go even lower. It’s tough working out what to do. Covid has absolutely effected my hair and the vaccine has too. Where do you get your wigs from?

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shawsAdministrator in reply to LMor

I shall send you a private message.

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LMor in reply to shaws

Ok 👍

I recently saw on a TV programme a woman being given some treatment that involved topical estrogen, as she had very thin hair. She also had some sort of fibre spray that covered the scalp, and it did look a lot better.

I dont know the programme as I was multitasking not very well while doing the VAT... Someone else may know.

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Sunny70 in reply to serenfach

Thanks will look it up

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