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Forum Posting Guidelines Reminder ❗️❗️


Do you know what you are allowed to post on this forum?

And what you are not allowed to post?

The guidelines covering this Thyroid UK forum are introduced and linked here:

Recently, we've had several members offering to either sell or give away their unwanted medications or supplements. This is absolutely not allowed on HealthUnlocked. The relevant guideline is very clear:

27. Do not post offers to sell or give away your unwanted medications or over the counter supplements. Similarly, do not post requests for medications or over the counter supplements from others.

If you are unsure, check the guidelines before you post. You may disagree with them, but it is what it is and these are not rules to be broken!

Stay within the guidelines and we can all continue to benefit from this fantastic free resource.

Plus, the admins are volunteers who would rather be helping people with their thyroid questions than spending their time dealing with posts which break the guidelines.

Of course, mistakes will happen. But just posting with a comment saying you don't know if it is allowed, or telling us to delete it if it isn’t allowed, is not acceptable.

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Everyone, please read and inwardly digest :)

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