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Fillers, excipients and different brands?


Hello to all, Does anybody know if Euthyrox by Merck is the new formula (which created a scandal in France) or if they are still selling both? Any good experiences with Merck Levo? Any new brands out without manitol or other fillers? I've tried Tirosint and had no improvement.

Wishing you as happy a Sunday as possible...

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I think you have to be very specific and check that actual product. The answer might vary depending on the market - with there being variations around the world.

Koola in reply to helvella

Thank you, helvella. I can phone the Merck Co. here in Greece to find out, but honestly, I don’t know which excipients I might be having trouble with -- or not! I was taking Euthyrox about 3 years ago, till my then-doctor switched me back to Unipharma (maybe due to the change they made). I’ve been slowly declining for the past 5 years (after RAI in 2009) but I discovered this forum two years ago, a blessing, and now doing vitamins and so on. I’ve been repeatedly advised here to increase my levo (from 88 to 100). But I immediately feel terrible. I’ve reduced my essays to Sunday only, like today, but no way! So the only solution I see for now is switching levo brands…

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