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New drug trial for Graves patients:

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British Thyroid association looking for Graves patients for a clinical trial of a new drug : please check out website for further details if interested :

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pennyannie, can you post a link for this please, or at least say where you got the info from :)

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pennyannie in reply to RedApple

Sorry I can't do cut and paste, I just glaze over, it's on TPA forum posted by Lindsayp.

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bantam12 in reply to pennyannie

Do you mean Project DAVIAD on BTF site ? It's from last year. Not found anything on BTA site.

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pennyannie in reply to bantam12

No - Seasidesusie has kindly found the link for me below ;

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From that page :

"The company is now actively recruiting for their final cohort so please contact the site urgently, before the end of September 2020"

Thank you for helping me and posting the link for me :

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pennyannie in reply to Lalatoot

SeasideSusie has kindly put the link up for me ;

I heard something about this but I would be surprised if anything comes of it. There are fewer people with Graves' disease than people that suffer with hypothyroid. I wonder if more men suffered with thyroid disease would the medical profession actually look for a cure or even give better treatment. Sorry to any men who suffer with thyroid disease but it is man's world in my honest opinion. When I used to take my husband to my appointments to see my Endocrinologist he would talk to my husband instead of me. I felt like telling him I was the actual patient not my husband.

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Valarian in reply to Lora7again

Just wondering why you (or even your husband) didn’t point this out,,,

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Lora7again in reply to Valarian

I felt too ill to fight my corner because I was virtually bedridden because I had been left untreated for over 2 years. I was very thin and I was balding with shaking and sweating. Now I feel well I would not have stood for it and I tell doctors exactly what I think if I disagree with them.

It’s for people who has had thyroid cancer for the trial, wish we could just get the drugs we need, instead of being left with nothing

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Sweeneythyca in reply to Dorey69

Its for people with graves.....

This is a copy and paste of what i read

"Patients who were diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer more than five years ago may also be eligible to take part in the trial"

Thanks, I read that too

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