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Good News but Now what?

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I had my 6 month Endo appointment via the video chat i’m (not a fan) anyway he agreed to up my medication by 50mcg per week (currently) on 100mcg Synthyroid per day along with 10mcg Cytomel .... I asked for the T4 increase and decided I was ok with the 10mcg Cytomel I need to retest in 8 weeks and I guess to re-evaluate the meds situation with maybe adding a little more T3... wait and see.

The Endo told me to take the extra 50 once per week but I was thinking I would split the pill into quarters and take a little extra 4 days per week and honestly don’t think it matters much since its a little increase ... but he thinks it could be too much meds.... No idea why they think this way and Im going to have my cholesterol test done around the 8 weeks.

Whats your thoughts SPLIT the extra 50mcg Synthroid into quarters or just take the extra 50mcg pill once per week?

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T4 is a storage hormone so it probably doesn't make much odds. I'm not good at quartering tablets myself, so if it were me I'd halve them and take twice per week ...

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Batty1 in reply to fuchsia-pink

Yeah Im just not sure if dividing into 4 will be easy maybe half and take it twice per week.

Amazingly it is often suggested that taking the whole lot on one day of the week is fine, so an extra 50 on one day would be perfectly acceptable.

Given that levo is a storage hormone, why is it amazing? - no-one would suggest this for lio ...

I imagine it is unusual, albeit perhaps not amazing, since instructions from the Pharma company are for it to be taken daily and I believe this is what the majority of users do. Do you take yours weekly?

So your Levo has been raised from 100mcg per day to an average of 107.1mcg per day?

That is one of the meanest increases in dose I've ever heard of. (I'm not forgetting your T3 in saying that, I know you are on T3 as well.)

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Batty1 in reply to humanbean

Mean ... lol ... he is the first Endo to at least give me and increase without me fighting or justifying my reasons for needing it, like Im a 5 year old child... like all the other Endos I had.

Your correct its not a lot by no stretch of the imagination.

Hi Batty1,

I hope you don't mind me asking...but are you feeling good, on such low doses of T4 and T3?

(When I lived in North America, I was prescribed both of those medications, which I took obviously, but at much higher doses).

I agree with Humanbean...a very 'mean' increase, and, not one that I have heard of, it seems a little odd to me, but then I am not an expert.

If you're still Hypo, and not feeling well, maybe it might be worth finding your own private source for some Thyroid medication; just a thought.

I hope you feel better...normal, very soon :)

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Batty1 in reply to Shield-Maiden

I post questions looking for answers...

To answer your question I actually feel pretty good (Great NO) but not too bad I don’t think for being without a thyroid. Im also ok with the Cytomel at its current 10mcg even though if I wanted to (I have enough t3 meds) that I could increase that on my own and probably do it for a while.

My endo would have given me both t3/t4 but I just wanted to start with the T4 and maybe add the T3 after the 8 week blood test.

But, Im not sure why he thinks its a lot more T4 since we all can do the math ITS NOT! Lol... maybe he thinks I can’t add?

My current most annoying issue is sleep Im wired until I take my thyroid meds and then I fall to sleep, its strange and can not get a solid answer why this is happening and this is pretty much why I want to try a little more T4 .... I also take immunosuppressive drugs for psoriatic arthritis and im not sure this with crazy high inflammation markers could be a cause. I was also having breathless but I was just diagnosed with Mild Anemia and Iron is slowly making this better.

Thyroid medication dosage is individual. There is no high or low, just what works for you. Not everyone benefits from T3, either. I know people on levo dosages from 50mcg to 200mcg, all of whom are feeling fine. We are all different, and there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to thyroid medication, that is why finding our ideal dosage and levels is so complicated.

I TOTALLY agree that everyone is different, and I wasn't trying to say otherwise...I was making a valid suggestion to Batty...I was NOT trying to start an argument! Nor, do I want one, thank you :)

However, there are indeed, low and high doses of medications; for example 25 mcg of Levo ...T4 is a low dose, as is, 5mcg of Lio T3 a low (Starting) dose.

You can play on words and be pedantic if you like, but that does not help Batty, or anyone else!

I will not be responding to this thread again (nor will I be reading you will be arguing alone).

Have yourself a wonderful day now 🤔🤭

I'm sorry to hear Batty, that you're going through a lot at the moment.

Sleep is a HUGE factor, in helping us to feel 'normal' (well, as normal, as we can feel).

I have really bad sleep issues, given my health, and I have just stopped taking a prescription drug, ie, sleeping tablets, as they had stopped working for me, and I didn't like the side effects.

I bought some herbal sleep aid capsules, and they have really helped me to sleep, thank heavens.

As we are not meant to recommended any particular's Valerian, White Hawthorn and Passionflower, in a has really helped me to sleep.

I hope you feel much better soon xx

Sorry, I repeated myself there a bit...the news is on...that will teach me for multi tasking :)

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