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Hi all, does anyone here suffer with Tinnitus?

I've got it at the moment, only in the left ear, more of a whoosing than an a ringing sound. If I wake up in the night it keeps me awake.

Any tips to help with it at all? Its driving me mad!!

Thank you.

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Hi Hookie , yep sorry. Its madening. My right ear rings all day and night. Interesting it's worse the more NDT or Levo that I take. Ive always struggled to take suffient thyroid medication without gettng side effects. 18 months ago Tinnitus joined the list :-(

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Hookie01 in reply to jamesal0

It's awful isn't it! Has got worse since having my thyroid destroyed! Maybe the Joy's of getting older lol 😔

I had tinnitus and thought it was because of my thyroid. After over a year of suffering with it I went to my GP who said my ear was nearly completely blocked with wax. This might not be the case for you but mine has almost disappeared now after having my ears syringed last year.

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Hookie01 in reply to Lora7again

Thank you, I was wondering this as when I talk on the phone my hearing kind of echos, might try and get some stuff next time I go to the chemist!

I have awful tinnitus 24/7 and I get terrible pressure which I can't release , had audiology check and nothing wrong so next step is ENT referral but no chance of that anytime soon.

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Hookie01 in reply to bantam12

Yes that's the problem at the moment isn't it. Did have my endo appointment next week but obviously that's been cancelled now!

Hi Hookie01,

I have it in my left ear. It can also be a symptom of low B12 so might be worth checking this.

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Hookie01 in reply to MelonJ

I was taking B12 but my urine was bright yellow which I believe is a sign that your body has enough and is getting rid of the excess so stopped taking it. Can't get any bloods done at the moment so can't get my vitamin levels checked, but will do once I can. Thank you.

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So you only supplement B12 and vitamin D?

Might find adding in a daily good quality vitamin B complex is beneficial, one with folate in not folic acid may be beneficial.


B vitamins best taken in the morning after breakfast

Igennus Super B complex are nice small tablets. Often only need one tablet per day, not two. Certainly only start with one tablet per day after breakfast. Retesting levels in 6-8 weeks

Or Thorne Basic B or jarrow B-right are other options that contain folate, but both are large capsules

If you are taking vitamin B complex, or any supplements containing biotin, remember to stop these 7 days before any blood tests, as biotin can falsely affect test results



Do you supplement magnesium?

Perhaps thyroid levels need retesting too

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Hookie01 in reply to SlowDragon

I was taking b12 but stopped because my urine was bright yellow, apparently a sign of my body getting rid of the excess? No I'm not taking magnesium and was supposed to have my levels checked next week but my endo appointment has been cancelled. I'll try and get some magnesium and b complex and some say Zinc?

Thank you for the information.

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Hookie01

Vitamin B supplements frequently turn urine bright yellow

Igennus super vitamin B complex results in slightly less yellow than some

Any magnesium supplements should be at least four hours away from taking levothyroxine. Best taken afternoon or evening as often helps improve sleep





Vitamin K2 mk7



You can test zinc levels via Medichecks

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Hookie01

B12 isn't bright yellow - it is red.

Riboflavin (B2) is the classic for changing urine colour to yellow.


We get rid of salt and lots of other substances in our urine. That does not make it appropriate to stop consuming those substances.

Hmmm, interesting! there is certainly a lot of stress and anxiety in all our lives right now. Could be then!

Maybe a crazy idea, but my friend, a retired , nurse and I, our tinnitus has got to screeching Point in the last couple of weeks . We both wondered if it is the massive use of the internet at the moment. Could the wi-fi be affecting us in this way?

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Muffy

I live in a fairly quiet area. When we first moved in, the number of wifi signals we could see was very low and, other than our own, low power.

Inside we have used both bands - 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. And there is considerably more wifi in the area - still modest by town/city levels. To begin with we did not even have "proper" broadband and our usage was very low.

My perception is that my tinnitus has not changed - it just continues within the same sort of range as it has for many years.

Extremely annoying to extremely annoying with the occasional diversion down very annoying lane.

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Lora7again in reply to helvella

I live on the edge of a semi rural location and we were one of the last people to get fibre here. There are also some very large aerial masts that are used for telecommunication by BT and they have interfered with our sky dish so I had to have it moved because of them. Just editing because they are no longer owned by BT but Arquiva.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Lora7again

I used to live not far from a TV tower. But the signal we got was so low we had to get our television some other way (another, distant transmitter or cable). Effectively, it went right over our heads. :-)

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Lora7again in reply to helvella

Someone I know used to work on these masts and he said that some of the waves could fry your brains which did alarm me ... I just hope he was joking!

Never google about masts! I just read this

"You can't hear it but your body cells are being impacted by this pulsing microwave radiation." Campaigners claim that the pulsing waves from the masts interfere with electrical signals in the body, damaging the immune system.

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helvellaAdministrator in reply to Lora7again

Probably not.

There have been all sorts of stories like birds landing just in front of radar emitters and suddenly keeling over dead.

The technology of radar did give us the microwave oven. :-)

There are many things which make that not much of an issue. For a start, no-one is allowed that close to an operating transmitter dish/aerial. For a second, the intensity drops off according to an inverse cube law. (That is, very fast.) For a third, the design of aerials (and associated kit) has become very sophisticated allowing very even and directed emissions. An example, some wifi routers can detect where your phone or computer is in relation to themselves and make sure that most of their transmitter power goes on that direction, little in other directions.

There has been so much poor information propagated.

When 3G/4G masts were being set up, numerous people complained that they had masts near them. Ignoring that the better your local mast signal, the lower power both that mast and your phone need to operate properly.

And there is the statement "wifi" and then the diversion from that specific technology onto all other forms of transmitter at all frequencies.

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Lora7again in reply to helvella

I would never want to live by electricity pylons because of what I have heard about them. I have however lived near these masts for over 30 years and my family seem ok so I am not that worried about them. I remember when mobile phones were first being used and all sorts of stuff came out about them causing brain tumours etc.

I’ve had tinnitus around the same time as I’ve been hypo So around 35 years but annoyingly can’t remember which came first! Over the years though it has decreased and only seems to increase when I’m thinking about it! I did have a day off and thought I had gone deaf waiting in the opticians but then realised I could name a noise and so realised I hadn’t. Since then I’ve had two periods of not hearing it for around 5 days and the most recent it stopped when getting an injection in the dentists which was spot on when the needle went in my gum. By the time I’d had the filling and got back to my car it was back again! My follow up appointment dentist offered to do the injection again but asi was a private patient I declined! Since I’ve decided to make it my noisy friend it seems less of an issue so reducing stressing about it has helped.

I'm not a fan of taking B12 in isolation as there are so many cofactors involved with the utilisation of b12. However, b12 IS the hardest b vitamin to absorb, so if I were asked which one I had to prioritise it would be b12. Better You do an oral spray which you may find works better, and Biocare do drops which are mixed in with methylfolate (B9). B6 also assists in the uptake of B12. Igennus do a good B complex (Slow Dragon also recommends).

Tinnitus has been associated with more than one nutrient deficiency.... Riboflavin (B2) was the problem for the son of a friend of mine. Also niacin (B3) is indicated in a study (link) and Magnesium in Dr Carolyn Dean's book on Magnesium. Try putting some Magnesium gel on the skin behind your ear and jaw - it may help with localised inflammation... it worked for me when I had earache with a cold.



My friend who also has tinnitus, lives very close to an American air base and she is often woken during the night when there is a lot of activity , eg recent attack’s on other countries. The planes taking off could be the reason, but she wondered about all the extra communications between countries.

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