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Important Update: New Access to your Historical Online GP Record


My last post on this subject described how the new GP contract had brought in new regulation giving patients access to their FULL Prospective online GP record from April 2020. This meant you could read all the text written by your HP in a consultation, all results etc going forward (provided your GP Practice did not use VISION software which does not have the functionality)

I am delighted to say there has been a further update on the 6 February. The new regulation states that GP WILL GIVE PATIENTS ACCESS TO THEIR FULL ONLINE GP RECORDS INCLUDING HISTORICAL RECORDS ON REQUEST. This information is in the Annexe and has not been advertised. Here is the link to the full document and a screen shot of that information. Please use this information to gain access to your full online record after 1 April 2020. This is a hugely significant step recognising that our access to our medical information is vital to self management.

NB. I am not sure of the relevance to Wales Scotland and NI which have different arrangements for record access

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Good grief I have noticed the document has been removed from the server. I have noticed that other publications remove the Annexe. I will see if I can find another link. Apologies

DJR1 in reply to DJR1

Try this

DJR1 in reply to DJR1

Top tip! If you think you will need this information please print it off! These pieces of information are often removed from servers or republished without the Annexes. Proof is required if you challenge your GP Practice and the best way to keep this information is screen shots or print the Annexe.

Marz in reply to DJR1

If the file is downloaded does that preserve it ? Sorry I am a digital dinosaur !

DJR1 in reply to Marz

I had saved it to my Dropbox and it disappeared as I think that may just store the link. I will try to download and save to my desktop. That may do it. I tend to use my iPhone all the time and depend on links which is no good. Lesson learnt.

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