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Numb fingers while asleep

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Has any one experienced fingers have no feeling, my right hand feels like it is asleep, no circulation while I am sleeping. Spoke to my GP, he said to see a neurologist. I would like to try my other options.

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Hi. I get this too along with headaches lying down. I've had an MRI but nothing obvious. My GP isn't keen to refer me to a neurologist, but I'd be very happy if she did!!

Do you have low Blood Pressure ?

Have you tested B12?

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Suzi_ in reply to Wetsuiter

Yes, B12 ok

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Jazzw in reply to Suzi_

What does “ok” mean? In range often does not always mean “ok”....

And what was your folate result?

Hi Suzi

I found my brief acquaintance with low-dose amitriptyline caused this!

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Suzi_ in reply to Caroline888

I am not taking amitriptyline. Thanks

Hi Suzi.

Sometimes you can get this if you have a neck problem.

Have you changed your pillow recently? I have found that I need to keep my neck in alignment with my spine so I need some neck support but not too much to ensure my spine is aligned. I saw a chiropractor for back problems a good few years ago and it was him who suggested that not having your spine aligned that could cause numb arms, fingers etc.

Take up te offer of a referral but have a look at your pillow as well. Good luck.:)

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Suzi_ in reply to knitwitty

Thanks. I think my spine is curved and have frequent neck pain. Will look into getting a neck pillow. Thanks so much!

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knitwitty in reply to Suzi_

You're welcome, if you have a few pillows already I would try a few out from the ones you have already.

You need to position the pillow so that it fits into the space between your head and your shoulders , or mould one so that it fits into the space, I should add that it's when you are lying on your side. If you have fairly soft pillow it will be easier to mould into the right shape, if possible get someone to look at you from the back to see if your spine is in alignment. When positioned correctly your head should not be tilted either up or down.

You can buy shaped pillows that are supposed to fit your neck but I have always found them to be too thick to be effective, I have a thinnish pillow and can squash it around a bit until it is just right.

Good luck.:)

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Batty1 in reply to knitwitty

I bought my pillow for my pain in the neck it's certainly easy to smoosh around to get support where you need it.

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Espeegee in reply to knitwitty

I always use a soft feather pillow so I can do just that.

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Few possibilities

Low B12...carpel tunnel ...low vitamin D ...thyroid levels no right

Did you get full thyroid and vitamin testing as recommended via Medichecks or Blue horizon.

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Suzi_ in reply to SlowDragon

I am in USA, vitamin D was low, took 50,000 iu weekly, now on 2000 iu a day. Thyroid levels ok, next blood test next month. Been getting frequent rash on arm for no apparent reason!

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Suzi_

If vitamin D was very low, B vitamins may be too

As explained by Dr Gominack

When she talks about vitamin D at 40, that’s 40ng/ml

40ng/ml (USA units) is equal to 100nmol (UK units)

in reply to Suzi_

Gluten may give a rash round an area. Antihistamine cream might help, as may antihistamine tablets. If it is an eczema rash then Sudacreme might help. If it is psoriasis then a rash might be linked to arthritis.

Hi Suzi, I had something similar in both hands - my fingers felt like sausages, numb and tingling at the same time- and it was diagnosed as carpal tunnel.They were operated on and the problem resolved.Subsequently I was diagnosed with Hashis and I now understand that carpal tunnel is a symptom of the condition.Probably didn't need that operation -just medication for an underactive thyroid!

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Espeegee in reply to KazLS

No surprises there, I wonder what the difference in cost would be, surgery v proper diagnosis and medication!

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KazLS in reply to Espeegee

The whole process of getting the correct treatment for Hashis is so frustrating- I have lost a lot of trust!Currently trying to bring myself up to speed on all aspect of the condition:-(

Sorry meant to add- only had symptoms during the night.

I often got that in both hands when sleeping. Would wake up with them dead, and then pins and needles. Tended to be when I was under medicated...

BUT......Another thing to consider, which is quite exciting... is an extra rib, known as a clavicle rib. I have one on my right side, and it too can get aggravated. It’s a small rib low on your neck and it sometimes sticks into the bundle of nerves that affect your arm. You can sometimes tell if you have one if you manipulate the triangle area above your clavicle at the base of your neck. If you feel a hard lump, or a ‘nervy’ sensation or sensations in your hand or arm, you may have one. They normally are on only one side. I had an X-ray which confirmed its presence. And my GP said I was very lucky and not to tell as everyone would want one... LOL!

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Smorzando in reply to Gilbo72

Interesting! I've had an MRI looking for this exact thing. Haven't had the results yet. I get severely numb hands at night. Recent nerve conduction tests showed I had carpal tunnel in my left hand, but the orthopedic consultant I saw thinks I may also have thoracic outlet syndrome. It was actually this consultant that requested my thyroid tests last November which led to me being diagnosed with Hashi's.

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Suzi_ in reply to Gilbo72

Thanks. I do have stiff neck, physiotherapist thinks I have arthritis in the neck

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Suzi_ in reply to Gilbo72

I have been having neck pain and neck muscles are very tense. What shall I ask my doctor to check?

I may have arthritis in my neck.


I had numb hands and feet , gloves and socks , I called it .

It only happened when being woken from sleep .

Since thyroid hormone ok don’t get it now !

Pretty sure that was the cause in my case .

Yep 10yrs of this, hubby used to have to rub my hands to get the feeling back just so I could hold my morning tea. Never had it since being properly medicated.

I woke with numb hands or fingers often. I later found that my T3 was very low and I am a poor converter T4 to active T3 by blood tests and confirmed DIO2 gene test positive. Since starting T3 medication I’ve not had any numbs hands or fingers since. So, for me it was my thyroid levels not being optimal for well being.

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Suzi_ in reply to McPammy

Thanks, will mention to my endo.

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McPammy in reply to Suzi_

I hope your Endo is clued up on T3, many aren’t.

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Suzi_ in reply to McPammy

My endo says numbness not due to t3 levels. I am still having them checked at the next blood test

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McPammy in reply to Suzi_

I have to say that I personally disagree with your Endo. As I have first hand experience of how T3 medication can lift you out of many health issues. I’ve not had any numbness at all since starting T3 medication as mine was very low.

I used to wake with a numb hand for months after I had my daughter, and also hip pain on the same side.

I get this, but it seems related to cervical degeneration rather than hormones.

This can happen if you have myofascial trigger points in your scalenes. I used to experience numbness in my left hand and shoulder. To confirm this, find an online trigger point guide and locate your anterior scalene. Press on it and if it hurts and your arm flinches, that could be the problem.

Interesting. I get a numb big toes and extremely cold hands and feet. I have also started to get a numb face on the LHS. MRI negative, seeing chiropractor who immediacy pulled up medical article on use of Thyroxine and facial paralysis In lab rat trial due to neuropathy. Anybody read anything on impact of meds on nerves?

in reply to TarF

I find visiting doctors so stressful, these problems go unnoticed and if you have a doctor whose standard line is "take a paracetomol, then you never find out what is wrong." You are

lucky to find a doctor who knows about hormone deficiency. My daughter had a weak hand with loss of sensation. She had fibromyalgia which started after lifting a heavy pushchair.

The neck shoulder arm and hand, may be influenced by any twinge around the cervical spine.

in reply to TarF

I get neuropathy if blood sugar is too high with diabetes. The feet feel numb. Also have trouble with uric acid from eating too much meat salmon and some proteins. Have to cut them down to small portions. If you need to increase your iodine levels, then you can help levels from diet. I managed to reduce my goitre by going on a high fish and milk and some dairy. The iodine is added to the feed with animals so it will pass through into milk. In some regions, the milk may not be as high in iodine as others such as mountainous regions. It depends on whether the cattle graze naturally without additives to their feed. I ate fish paste every day and had fish three times a week. In six months my goitre had gone down and I could wear old necklaces which I had not worn for years.

Yes have had this feeling but have diabetes and poor circulation in the extremities. It can be part of neuropathy or something as simple as lying on the nerve of your arm and hand. I get pins and needles sometimes, but this is related to high blood sugar. I find wearing bed socks, and having a warm bed to climb in and a warm room to sleep in helps. As it only occurs when you are sleeping on one side, it may not be carpal syndrome as it only occurs during the night. Expect it could be with lack of B9 which synergises with B12 and with iron. Folates are found in certain foods, but folic acid is often prescribed. Tests would help for folates when you have your tests as Shaws has indicated concerning vitamin D and iron.

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Suzi_ in reply to

Thanks. Tests have shown low iron and vitamin d levels.

Working on these.

in reply to

Check that you are not over bending your wrists when you sleep & trapping the nerves. A physio can give you gloves to wear at night that prevent this - this will manage the symptoms of carpal tunnel whatever it is caused by.

Carpal Tunnel is a symptom of Hypothyroidism. I too have this and only just realised.

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Suzi_ in reply to john_83

Thanks. Will mention to my dr

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