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It would be very much appreciated by the admins and, I suspect, a goodly number of members, if we could see better observance of guideline 29.

Do remember that we all have access to numerous other places for discussing political issues. From Twitter to newspaper sites. Forums by the million.

29. Any posts/comments deemed by the Admin team to be of a political nature will be removed.

If you are in doubt, re-read what you have written before posting it. Ask a friend to read it over. Even ask an admin.

Any mention of a political party is likely to be a transgression. As is mention of your voting history or party memberships.

There will be times when, for example, a minister might be quoted as a matter of reported fact rather than opinion. Or in relation to their health (say, an MP is hypothyroid).That, of course, is accepted.

Admins are likely to delete political content without sending a message to the poster. Please remember that the admins have our own political opinions which we try to keep to ourselves. We might agree or disagree with the point(s) made but the guideline needs to be applied. What we do not want is to enter into discussion on each occasion.

I shall close this thread to replies.

Why no politics?

First and foremost, we want this to be a safe harbour for thyroid patients to discuss their thyroid problems.

Obviously the state of the NHS is often implicated in these issue but the state of the NHS is not the reason for the existence of this forum. Thyroid is.

It is all too easy for people who know this forum, and its members, and have been around for a while, to forget what it is like if you find it for the first time. You cautiously start reading. And if you see discussion of politics seemingly more prominent than the thyroid, you might very well disappear never to return. (Remembering all the while that anxiety is an all-too-common symptom of thyroid disorder.)

There are nowadays more places to have political discussions than ever before. There are places for discussions, for surveys, for political parties and non-aligned individuals.

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