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Pharmaceutical "incentives"

There's an article today calling for it to be made a legal requirement that Pharmaceuticals disclose "incentive payments" to doctors and businesses:

It led me to check out this website, where payments are already registered (but it's not compulsory, so there are gaps in information):

It doesn't let me share the results page, but I looked up Teva out of curiosity this morning, and it's interesting to see the sponsorships and payments listed.

Side note though, if anyone else were to accept an incentive payment like this in any other line of work, their company would be hit with all sorts of penalties and the individual would be sacked. It's weird how the bribery act only applies to some.

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I would think that 'remunerations' to prescribers regarding levothyroxine would come under that umbrella. Also who pays for their Conferences etc.

Also the removal of NDTs. which used to be prescribed in the UK. forcing people who were well upon it to source their own, where possible, or to go back to levo which might have caused a return to their clinical symptoms.

Cost was a perfect reason to withdraw T3 from the NHS, instead of sourcing elsewhere in world. They didn't mind the stress/anxiety it caused to people who were well on NDTs or T3. It seems to be we are treated as 'objects' and not human beings trying to restore our body to good health, but prevented by those who are 'supposed' to be sympathetic/knowledgeable but are neither.


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