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Upper back pain and tired legs


Hi everyone, I was diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in January and was originally on 20mg of carbimazole which has recently been reduced to 15mg, I have constant aches/pains/tiredness in my legs, arms and upper back. I feel like all I do lately is moan about different pains in my body. I’m due back at endo 29th July but wanted to ask

Does anybody else experience these symptoms? It’s really starting to get me down 😩

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Was your TRAb or TSI tested to confirm Graves?

4185jan in reply to ling

I’ve never been told I have graves, when I was initially diagnosed in January I had everything tested, I used to get a breakdown of all my results but my latest one only mentioned t3, t4 and TSH. It said my TSH is still suppressed at 0.01mu/L but my t3 is now 5.1pmol/L and T4 14.1pmol/L therefore to reduce my carbimazole. X

ling in reply to 4185jan

Do you have a goitre or nodules?

4185jan in reply to ling

My doctor said he could feel a little swelling in my neck but that was it xx

ling in reply to 4185jan

Do you have all your blood test results with the ranges?

Carbimazole is prescribed for those with Graves and in some cases of thyroid nodules/goitre.

Carbimazole generally doesn't cause the symptoms u describe.

I question if you are on the correct medication.

You should have antibodies tested for Graves and Hashimoto’s.

TRAb and/or TSI for Graves.

TPO for Graves and Hashimoto’s.

TPO and TG for Hashimoto's.

These antibodies results will confirm which condition/s you have. It is possible to have both Graves and Hashimoto’s.

Hyperthyroidism has different causes. Identifying the cause enables you to get the correct treatment.

Graves is but one of the causes of hyperthyroidism, albeit the most common one.

Try and get copies of your blood test results before u see your endo. If no antibodies have been tested, ask for these tests to be done. And also a full thyroid panel TSH FT4 FT3.

Btw, what were your symptoms that brought u to the doctor in January?

4185jan in reply to ling

Hi ling, I have just found my results from April:

Free t3: 9.5

TSH: <0.01

Free t4: 22.9

Anti TPO antibodies: 14

TRAb: 4.8

I was originally referred to endo with a tremor, palpitations, sweatiness, high blood pressure.

Thanks for all your advice it’s much appreciated x

ling in reply to 4185jan

What are the ranges so we can tell if the numbers are high low or in range?

4185jan in reply to ling

Hi long,

Sorry for the late reply (one of those days) all my letter says is:

Free t3: 9.5 pmol/L

TSH: <0.01 mu/L

Free t4: 22.9 pmol/L

Anti TPO antibodies: 14

TRAb: 4.8

Thanks x

ling in reply to 4185jan

It's ok, no worries. We all have days like that : )

The ranges should be next to or near the results.

Eg. Free t4: 22.9 pmol/L (12-24) something like that

4185jan in reply to ling

I have nothing about ranges on my letter, I’ve got my endo appointment on Monday (29th) so I’ll ask for the full test results including ranges, not sure why they wouldn’t put them on in the first place though! Xx

ling in reply to 4185jan

Yes please do that. That would be great : )

I took carbimazole for about month but I came out in a rash so I then took PTU for about 4 months. Have you had a blood test to check your thyroid function? When they tested mine my TSH was 9 and I felt dreadful. Sometimes the doctor needs to adjust your medication accordingly to your levels.

Also read your leaflet that comes with the drug it lists the side effects.


I have graves ( diagnosed 7 years ago but actually had it for many years before up and down episodes)and have been on high dosage 40mg carbimazole, now in maintenance 5mg every other day. Yes I have experienced a lot of aches and pains in legs and arms in the past. Found to be low on vitamins D, B12 and magnesium. Since supplementing aches have gone with occasional flare ups.

4185jan in reply to cabisore

Thanks for the reply 😊 I’ve never had any of my vitamin levels tested, is this something I should suggest? X

Yes, I’m hypo & have all the symptoms & worse, par for the course unfortunately 😞

Good luck 👍

Hello Jan

It seems your thyroid is under some stress and isn't working well, or, as usual, for you.

What symptoms sent you to the doctor ?

The first blood test result suggests that you might be hyperthyroid. The prescribed carbimazole has now reduced this " hyper phase ", hence the drop in your carbimazole dose, as your last blood test results appears to show you now " in range " but with a suppressed TSH. and possibly hypothyroid.

There is hyperthyroidism when the body runs faster than normal, and a side effect of this is that you may not be getting the nutrients you need from your food, as your body clock is running too fast to utilise your food intake, though you maybe be eating more, and loosing weight.

Your core strength needs to be maintained during this time and it is essential that ferritin, folate B12 and vitamin D are all optimal to support you through this period.

The same also applies when hypothyroid as then the body clock has slowed down too much and your metabolism is running too slow to breakdown your food and utilise the nutrients, which are essential for well being and need to be optimal for any thyroid hormone treatments to work.

Without ranges it's not possible to give definitive answers.

Carbimazole is generally prescribed when there is a diagnosis of Graves Disease, and to confirm this it is essential that either TSI or TRab antibodies are tested and are positive.

I think at your appointment you will learn more of your health condition, but yes, in answer to the initial question, vitamins and minerals are very important. It's a bit of a roller coaster mentally, physically and emotionally. The thyroid is a major gland responsible for your whole body synchronisation, so it's understandable that you will be uncomfortable and in a state of flux as your thyroid isn't working well and sending out signals which can seem somewhat odd and strange at this point in time.

I'm with Graves Disease treated with RAI in 2005 and then developed thyroid eye disease and hypothyroidism as well as the original Graves to continue to manage.

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