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Anyone had problems with Mercury Pharma batch 85382?


After fighting tooth and nail to get my Mercury Pharma ( Advanz ) instead of Morningside/Teva it now seems the damn stuff has stopped working. Use by is 19/01/20. Gained half a stone in two weeks, no change in diet or exercise, feel drained and cold. Last TSH was 4.5 which is too high for me. Swapped back to the Morningside and lost a coupla pounds but can't tolerate the weird dreams and sleep disruption. Have been sneaking a bit extra Mercury Pharma in addition to my daily dose ( 60 mcg ) but to no avail. Reluctant to see the doc as they might stop it completely. T4 may have worked on paper but not physically for me.

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Hi pffft, yes I am on the same batch as you but I picked up two different brands of t3 when I was in Thailand as a back up in case my t3 suddenly would be withdrawn. Started to dip in to these new strange looking 100 mcg tiny t3 tablets which I had to cut in half and then weigh the crumbs. Well after taking about 45 mcg around 4.30 am I have started to feel so much better.

Re Mercury Pharma I can say one thing and that I had none of those horrible and vicious side effects which had from both Teva and Morningside.

pffft2017 in reply to kissemiss

Hi Kissemiss, thanks for your reply. This current Mercury batch was ok for a couple of weeks, but as I get a 2 month prescription I'm stuck with it now and have had to take an extra 1/3 to 1/2 tab per day and revert to the Morningside I had left as a standby to keep my weight and energy stable. I'll just have to contend with the weird dreams for now, better than entering the pre-diabetes range again. Had a very informative message from another forum member about other brands available if you want me to pass it on in a DM?

The only side effect I got from Teva was it just didn't work, what problems did you have?

Bettan in reply to pffft2017

Thank you I will try to get in touch with you about another brand of t3.

moatie in reply to pffft2017

Hi pfff,

Could you PM me the brand you got from Thailand and how to buy over there? I think I need to go on a trip 😊x

I’m having real issues on this batch, had a week off work for holiday and I’ve slept for most of it! Crippling fatigue and I’ve gained 10 pounds despite being gluten and dairy free. I notice the bottles say store below 25 degrees but with the heatwave wondering if this has affected the tablets?

Teva was awful for me too - I pushed on with that til I collapsed then got put back onto mercury - been great on that up til this batch 🥴.

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