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BROKEN BRAIN 2 available through April 9, 2019

Basic principles of SNP’s or slight variables in your genes that could be making you vulnerable to specific health issues (plus, you’ll see how to “turn on” health genes and “turn off” disease genes)…

The one missing food combination that explains why people who eat traditional diets have a better chance of avoiding cancer, heart disease, and diabetes…

A genetic mutation that not only ups your risk for Alzheimer’s and heart disease, but also means you should probably avoid a high fat ketogenic diet…

Take this simple 1-minute tape measure test to see if you’re carbohydrate intolerant — and more vulnerable to type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, cancer, and other diseases…

How to use intermittent fasting to raise your levels of BDNF. Higher levels of this brain substance are linked to less depression, reduced risk of dementia, and improved neurological function…

In this episode, you’ll see why cookie cutter diets just don’t work. In fact, there’s a very simple reason why a diet that works for one person may be completely wrong for someone else — and it all boils down to your individual genetics.

Conversely, there is one diet that we know doesn’t work for anybody, and that’s the standard American diet (the SAD diet). So you’ll see what our experts recommend to help you build a healthy relationship with food and improve your brain health at the same time.

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this series has been really good so far. I thought yesterdays episode (no 5) was particularly well done.


Good to hear, Milady. I like this format, too. We have to look at our condition in a holistic way and the brain is an important part of that.


There are still a few hours to listen to this episode. Did you know that people die from overdosing on Tylenol which destroys the glutathiane in your liver. Supplements like SOD and NAC help with detox.


If you have done a genetic test, they show the symptoms of having certain snps and what to do about them.


This discussion has been very interesting if you know your DNA markers. We can work around any defects or add supplements to make up for what we lack. This information is so important, you wonder why conventional medicine is not heading in this direction. For instance,

GST gene for glutathione

After 35 we don't make as much glutathione and it appears 50% of the population lacks the GST gene. It's often used in the hospital for tylenol overdose or other toxins.

Other genetic problems they discussed:

MAOA snp - you need to supplement B vitamins

Anyone who is prediabetic should try a keto diet but

if you have this snp,

ApoE4 may not tolerate a high fat diet or statin therapy

ApoE 4, 3, 2, Alzeheimer risk higher in 4,

But in APOE2 actually protects against Alzheimer especially if you have two copies of this gene.

DHA may not help the brain as well as other fish oils for certain snps. You need the whole form of the fish oil and need to avoid saturated fat.

This video will be ending in about three hours but if they have a replay over the weekend it will give you another opportunity to compare those genes to your own if you've done the test.


Thank you so much.🌷

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