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Graves disease and supplements for menopause symptoms

I was wondering if anyone could recommend supplements for alleviating hot flashes. I am on carbimazole 40 mg (I've just relapsed after an 8 year remission period) I am now 47 and have peri menopause symptoms (mainly hot flushes at night and sleep affected by them). I'd like to try natural supplements but not sure what would agree/disagree with the carbimazole. I'm waiting for endo appointment booked in April, hopefully earlier if the clinic can fit me in as the gp has referred me as 'urgent ish'. I'm also on propranolol but only for another week. I'm feeling fine so the carbi is working well for me but I don't want nasty effect from supplements. I already take vit b12, d, selenium and l acetyl carnitine, with no side effect at the moment. Thank you for sharing your advice and experience if you are in a similar situation.

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When I started on carbimazole my pharmacist came out from the back shop to tell me to take a high strength vitamin C so I always took high strength slow release vit C with zinc along with it.

I also went totally gluten free a few years ago probably around when I went into remission. I test regularly and found that has massively reduced my thyroid antibodies which keeps me happy - I’m working on the assumption (rightly or wrongly) that as antibodies feature in Graves it must be better to have as few of them as I can besides I’ve got loads of other autoimmune conditions so hopefully it’s calming all of them down too.


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