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Zinc - side effects


I know that large amounts of zinc can cause all sorts of nasty side effects - especially when taken over a long period.

However, I wasn't prepared for yesterday morning's experience. I took 1 x 15 mg (Natures Best) two hours after NDT and after breakfast. By lunchtime, my stomach was on fire, I was nauseous and generally wiped out.

I haven't had any today but obviously I'm wondering whether this was just a coincidence.

Has anyone had any similar side effect?

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This is a link which might be helpful and it would have worried you immensley to think that Zinc caused your symptoms.



Thank you for this Shaws. Very kind of you - but I'm still not sure whether the zinc upset me or not. Think I'll give it another go. Do you take zinc Shaws?

I've been told that if one gets a metallic taste in mouth if one has taken Zinc it means that you don't need zinc. Perhaps a guide?

Hi Grincho I take my balanced Zinc (by Viridian) complex , Magnesium and GOPO at night time together with mashed bananas covered with Kefir. I take my t3 around four or five in the morning. My sleep has improved and my hair looks happier.

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