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NDT help


Hi everyone!

I have been buying NDT from Thailand for a while and its been going so well for the last year, unfortunately with the website I usually use, every time I try to make a payment I get an error message and it says to contact my account manager. I have tried to message them and call them to no avail so I wonder if they have ceased trading. I have done a google and found Thiroyd on other sites but a lot of them look dodgy. I would be so appreciative if anyone that knows of any non dodgy ones could pm me some options. I am getting so worried, I only have about a month left and thyroxine made me feel so awful, my doctors refused to look at any other options.

Please help!

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If anyone can help KetoYogi, please reply by PM as requested as we can't name suppliers on the open forum. I will close the post to replies so that no information is posted here.

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