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Can you suggest a good private Endo in London?

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I have been ill for just over 2 years now, I had been seeing a Functional doctor (previously, GP just precribed anti depressants and waved me good bye!) who said I had flat lined cortisol after a saliva test, and lowish fT3 afer a blood test. He treated me with Metavive and Adrenavive, and Vitamins and minerals, and I felt better for some months, but for some reason had a bad crash, and hit rock bottom again.

(I didnt want to clog up this message with symtoms. at this point)

This doctor has now retired. New GP not impressed with this doctors diagnosis and test results, so he starting from scratch with basic bloods etc. I cant and dont want to waste more time when these basic blood tests to be told they are normal, and cant help. I have been off work for 4 months now, and dont want to lose my job if at all possible.

I want to see a good Endo to confirm if I have Adrenal and or Thyroid problems and if so, some good treatments.

I have found online Dr Scott Akker and Dr Jeannie Todd, has anybody had any experiences with them? Or any other suggestions? I feel so ill and just need to find someone to help and guide me.

Please rely or PM me please


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A cheaper first option would be to have a full set of thyroid and nutrition blood tests carried out by one of the private labs that many of us use, and then post the results here for comment. Also, a new 24 hrs saliva cortisol level test.

Thanks MaiseGray.

the last tests I had was in November, Saliva cortisol and a wellwoman Ultravit blood test (which incl Thyrod) from Medichecks, plus a GiMap stool test. I appreciate your interest but sorry havent got the energy to relay 8 pages of results. With supplements Metavive and Adrenavive my levels of cortisol and fT3 have improved over over a year, but still need to see an expert to confirm to me one way or another. These supplements arent helping me now.

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MaisieGray has given you the best answer for you to get well. Blood tests and results.

I've just sent you a PM. I'd be interested to hear your symptoms. Please feel free to PM me back.

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