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Hi all

I had my bloods done on 31/12/18 and saw my Endo on 4 Jan.

TSH 1.1 range 0.2-4.5

FT4 15 range 9-21

FT3 3.5 range (don’t have the range - I think higher end of the range was 5 I didn’t write it down but seen it on the Endo screen)

No RT3 haven’t had this done Gp won’t do it and haven’t had it done privately for a few months now

Endo has suggested increase my t3 to 5mcg from 2.5mg (half a T3 pill) along with my 75mcg T4. I take currently 75mcg T4 and 2.5mcg T3 in afternoons around 3pm otherwise I feel so sleepy. I can’t tolerate larger doses of T3 - hence why it has been lowered and T4 upped as suggested by Endo as a trial.

I do feel slightly better on the change of dosages but I am still completely wiped especially at period times with heavy periods which in turn makes my iron very low. It’s a constant battle.

Will taking 2.5mcg T3 in morning with my 75mcg T4 and then my 2.5mcg T3 at 3/4pm be beneficial do you think? Endo says failing this, to up the T4 and keep the 2.5mcg T3 so it would then be 88mcg T4 added and the 2.5mcg T3.

I can’t understand why I still feel so sluggish, when I was on 10mcg T3 per day and 50mcg T4 I felt overmedicated and was pretty ill so I am at a loss now what to try.

Any help really appreciated ☺️

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It's all trial and error but the increased T3 should help 😊

misty, sometimes the adrenals say no. Have you done any support for your adrenals. Low increases of T3 can be easier to handle than more T4. You could add adrenal cortex, siberian ginseng or licorice root to give your adrenals a bit of stimulation.

Getting Vit D, B12, folate and ferritin tested and getting them optimal, notvjust in range helps your thyroid work better. Some people can't take or increase T3 if this isn't done first. It also helps conversion and can also negate or reduce some symptoms and helps your general health as well so well worth doing. Be aware though if the Fab Four test low then it can take time getting levels up so not a quick fix but hopefully not all levels will be very low.

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