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Thyroxine with HRT patch

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Currently on thyroxine 100mg, taken at night before bed on an empty stomach. Just read on another post, leave a 4 hour gap whilst taking thyroxine re vitamins and minerals and now HRT. Just started on HRT, patch, which is worn continuously for two days, replaced two days after. Will HRT affect the absorption of thyroxine, if so, any suggestions re HRT, do I have now to take it in a tablet, gel forumla?

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I have had an HRT patch, which I wear all the time, changing it twice a week , since a hysterectomy in 1997. I have never noticed any problem. I think it is if you take the HRT orally that there might be some conflict but you need to ask your GP or pharmacist to be sure.

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Hennerton, thanks for your advice, feel reassured now, may check with a pharmacist, I find they sometimes know more about certain meds.

A patch will not affect your thyroid hormone replacement, because it doesn't touch the GI tract. :)

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Thanks, glad to know, thought I'd have to get back to square one🙄

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