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Source of T3 please?


I have an under active thyroid (Hashimoto'sI and managed to wrangle a little T3 (5mcg twice daily) out of the NHS a couple of years ago along with the 100mcg T4 daily. I don't feel as well as when I was on Armour or T3 alone (actually obtained under the NHS and a forward looking doctor before they changed the rules) but better than I would be on thyroxine alone (Been through that 20 years ago when I was first diagnosed). Endo won't give me any more than 10mcg T3 daily and said she had to fight the GMC for that. Thing is, my TSH is creeping up again, I'm losing even more hair and all the usual symptoms. I want to supplement with a little more T3. I'd be very grateful if someone could give me a link to a reliable source please.

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As we can't name suppliers on the open forum I will close your post to replies so that no information is inadvertently posted here. Anyone who can help will reply by private message.

Feel free to contact myself or anyone of the Admin team to see if we have any feedback on any suppliers that you are recommended, we do know of some unscrupulous ones.

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