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New bloods


Struggling with changing from the non working NT.

November results on 1 1/2 TMann with extra 1/4, 3 days a week.

TSH 14.8. 0.34-4.94

FT3 3.08. 3.16-6.5

FT4 8.60. 9-19.01

December. 4 weeks later.

TSH 8.8

FT3 3.92

FT4 10.1

Gp said stay on same dose 1.1/2 a day T Mann,on Tuesday,Thursday,Friday with an extra 1/4 Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. For another six weeks to see if TSH goes down more.

What do you think?

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Can you add the ranges on these results please

Tests are usually 6-8 weeks after any dose change

Good idea to also test vitamin D, folate, ferritin and B12 next test if not been done recently

in reply to SlowDragon

The ranges are the same for both months.

Gp wanted to do it after 4 weeks because TSH had gone up so much and t3 was below range.



With NDT you take the same amount every day, you can't alternate doses because the T3 in it has a short half life. You need a steady dose. If those were my results, I'd be taking 1 and 3/4 tablets every day.

in reply to SeasideSusie

I agree. It’s what I had decided to do but just wanted confirmation from the experts from this site.

Thank you.

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