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18 year old newly diagnosed - nosebleeds since starting Levo

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I posted for the first time last night about my newly diagnosed daughter.

Thank you for all the invaluable info.

Just remembered something- she started having nosebleeds about 2 days after starting 75mcg of Levothyroxine. She is probably having one a day, she has never had them before.

Do I need to take her back to the docs? Is her dosage too high? I can check her blood pressure (as we have a handy machine at home - my husbands).

Any advice...

thank you so much - I really appreciate all your help.

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Could possibly be blood pressure, Hypothyroidism can in some cases cause high blood pressure and cholesterol which may lead to nose bleeds but bring her back to the doctor, just for peace of mind

Hypothyroidism does cause nose bleeds but it is unlikely that 75mcg of Levothyroxine is too high.

Take her blood pressure and if low it will indicate hypo and under medicated.

If there a history of thyroid or autoimmune conditions in the family - it could indicate a genetic condition.

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StrugglingMum in reply to HughH

Thank you HughH - they seem to have stopped the last few days but will keep an eye and take her blood pressure now and if it happens again.

Her aunt on her dad's side has low thyroid - so I think I will push for the antibody blood test when I see the doc in January.

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