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Raising TSH



Just back from endo meeting , went better than expected. He told me they have been summoned to a meeting at the end of the week re t3. Long meeting short he said he will give me t3 if the meeting goes the way he thinks and I can lift my tsh so it’s not suppressed. So my question is how long would it take to lift my tsh from 0.02-0.1. Obvious way is to reduce my t3 but don’t want to feel crap any longer than necessary. Funny thing is he said he’s not bothered about it afterwards just at the point he has to justify it.


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TSH doesn't move that fast.

Sorry to tell you but it can take months... and months. We are very individual on this. Can you forge some test results?

Confused here. Taking any form of T3 will suppress TSH-thats supposed to happen!

You can't guarantee to raise TSH without making yourself quite ill. It's a very individual thing. I'd say at least a month.

I am sure I read in one of the trials that in rats, it wasn't possible to get the FT3 in the upper part of the range without the TSH being suppressed. That being the case, if the TSH is not suppressed, but in range, the FT3 will be very low in range and patient will still experience hypothyroid symptoms.

I am on NDT, only 2 grains per day, my FT3 is in the bottom 1/3 of range and my TSH suppressed. Endo says I am on twice as much medication as I need. I do not have hyper symptoms. He is wrong. If I follow his advice, I will be very ill indeed. No chance!

Hi thanks for thoughts, at my last meeting my tsh was 0.1 with me taking 18 t3, I upped my dose to 25 and now I’m suppressed, feel better tho. I think he’s thinking if I drop my dose again I will return to previous place then all’s good, apparently

I have been on T3 /T4 combination for years, and my THS is always suppressed - 0.01 usually. Even when I came off it for a while to do a trial on Thyroxine alone,(due to the cost increase) my TSH was still supressed at 0.01, so I said to my doctor it doesn't make any difference what I'm on,you can't get the TSH to increase. Whether it's because I have no thyroid, I don't know.

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