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Izabella Wentz’s Thyroid Secret documentary series

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Hello Everyone,

You may already be aware of this but just in case, Izabella Wentz’s complete Thyroid Secret documentary series is available this weekend for 48 hours starting Friday at 6 pm EST (midnightish in UK).

The 9 episodes run for 14-hours – several marathons for fatigued hypos.

The IW support team say to use this link thethyroidsecret.com/replay/

They “are also running a special where you can purchase the series at the lowest ever prices!”

The series was first screened in early 2015, so filmed in 2014.

In 1980 it was about 7 years for medical knowledge to double. In 2010, it only took about 3.5 years for the medical knowledge to double in size. It is estimated that by the year 2020, it will only take 73 days for the volume of medical knowledge to double.

You may wish to consider that before implementing or buying the programme as at 2015 – depending how low is lowest.

In the meantime, does anyone have a list of the 100 experts participating in the programme? I have asked the IW support team, but they say they don’t have one. If so, could you post it online – ideally before Sat am?

Have an informative if tiring weekend!


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