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Cannot swallow properly when lying down to go to sleep

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Hello All, can anyone help please. I am on 75mcg Levothyroxine and 2 x 500mg metformin per day. For quite a while now every now and again I have a feeling that my neck (front and sides) starts to tighten and when I lie down at night to go to sleep it feels as though my neck is closing and I feel very panicked that I will not be able to swallow, I also seem to notice that I burrp or have noises coming up my throat while I am lying down. Does anyone know if this is a condition or maybe me just for some unknown reason going into a panic as once a couple of years a go I could not swallow which was extremely scary. Look forward to hopefully hearing from someone as yet again it is past three in the morning and I am on the computer as I woke up in a panic feeling as though I would not swallow.

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It can be terrifying when we have some awful symptoms and which the doctors seem unaware of.

Also when we have one autoimmune condition we usually have more (I have three and you have two).

I think it would be best to be referred to an Endocrinologist and hope he/she is knowledgeable. It is not uncommon to have a swelling or difficulty swallowing but you have to have your throat examined.

Members who have had similar to yourself wll respond when they read your post.

I suggest both an ultrasound of the thyroid and an upper endoscopy to see what is going on either with the thyroid or esophagus.

In the meantime raise your mattress at the head end with something a few inches thick.

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