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The interpret thyroid results page on this site


Hi, does anyone know, regarding the interpret thyroid results page on this site, what is meant by low or high? Does this mean out of the supposed accepted range of normal, or just high and low within the range? Also, when it says "presence of antibodies" to confirm hypothyroidism, does this mean any antibodies, or antibodies above the "normal" range?

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Are you talking about the page on ThyroidUK's main website

If so, it shows what it meant by high or low TSH.

If you're talking about FT3 and FT4, high would mean over range and low would mean below range.

Presence of antibodies would mean over the "limit" given, eg TPO antibodies result of 45 would be positive if the limit says >34. If the TPO result was 15 with a limit of >34 then the result would be negative.

QandA in reply to SeasideSusie

Thanks :)

But if you are talking "optimal", that's a different story from "normal". Here is what one doctor has to say:

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