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having been very stressed lately my parasympatheic nervous system doesnt take over, wondering what i can take to stop the panic

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i got very very ill in 2010/11/12/13/14/15, with suchdreadful symptoms my nervous system went haywire and i cant think what to take as i dont want a recurrance an dwhile i am here thankyou everyone who answered my bathroom question. sometimes i cant see why it can go off topic on occasions, i have been here years now and we used to have lighthearted off topic chat at times it was pleasant. but hey if certain people justwant to keep it to illness. fine.

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How do you know its your parasympathetic nervous system?

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Hi. I am suffering with anxiety and I take Seretonin 5 HTP. Really helps. Sleep really well on it. I am also taking Levothyroxine for under active Thyroid. A good herbalist will recommend something for you

5HTP made my anxiety worse.I have tried everything from yoga & meditation to any supplement or herb that is recommended for anxiety relief.Having experienced a period of extreme prolonged stress previously that resulted in 2 years of acute anxiety which was truly awful,this time I went to my GP & asked for Sertraline.I started on a low dose & stayed on a low dose until I felt I could taper off.I did that very slowly & after 18 months I have been off it a month.

Anyone who has experienced prolonged periods of extreme anxiety knows it is hell.It can also tip into depression,which happened to me & felt like living death.

Sertraline was a miracle drug for me,

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yes it is hell isnt it and the inner feeling you cant explain, like being in a room with concrete walls unable to see or think and then strange internal felings running thru body and anxiety builds til you thinkhead will burst i hav eactually just had times when my body has just sank to my knees like a rag doll, setraline is thatin usa or uk what are side effect splease, can i still drive?

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I can.t see my reply to your question.Not sure what happened to that yesterday.

I only had the side effect of slight nausea while it built up in my system for 3 to 4 weeks.It is non-sedating so driving isn't an issue.Alcohol is best avoided though.

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Big plug for pharmaceutical grade CBD oil for anxiety on BBC Radio 4 today"You & Yours"from a prof at Kings College London

I become wired easily. The way I've always been as far back as I can remember, so think I know how you feel. Got tired of people telling me to relax & meditate. Impossible. What really helped me was Qi Gong. Google to see the gentle movements. Very relaxing & easy to do. Calms mind & body.

Hi bluepettals2, firstly if you are female , all the other hormones PLUS thyroid ring a bell to me as part of your symptoms. Food sensitivities /allergies are intertwined . Here is some info that hopefully helps lead you to steps to betterment at last😊🙏🌸





thankyou so kind, i have family stress big stress at themoment and its doingmy head in. nodoubt thyroid is low and adrenals worn out

thankyou EVERYONE for replying

Forgive my delay bluepetals!! 😢😫 Im in Ohio & live a weird schedule & by luck Im still up - I do wish your family stress to stop or at least even out to let your body rest. I had a thought: chamomile capsules help me be less stressed feeling but it does not make me sleepy.

Hope it helps!! 🙏💓

Techniques for Panic Attacks + a bit extra

Breathing - breathe in for 4 counts, hold for 7 and breathe out for 8 until you're not hyperventilating.

Find somewhere quiet if that helps, or be with someone (or a pet) who is calming if that works for you..

Take electrolytes - Potassium, Sodium and Magnesium to prevent tachycardia and muscle spasms. (You can buy these as soluble tablets from cycling shops.)

When you are in a relaxed state think of things you would normally use as rational counter-arguments to any stressful thoughts, so when you're actually panicking those arguments will come to mind far more easily.

Know that it will end soon and you'll be fine.

Also do some reading - such as Carolyn Dean's Magnesium Miracle... some amino acids - like L-theanine can help and vitamin B6 and taurine enhances the absorption of Magnesium. Zinc lowers cortisol - take 30mg at night (but not as much if you have very low adrenal function).

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thankyou so much

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Taken from wikipedia

'Taurine has also been shown to help people with congestive heart failure by increasing the force and effectiveness of heart-muscle contractions.[35]

In cells, taurine keeps potassium and magnesium inside the cell, while keeping excessive sodium out. In this sense, it works like a diuretic. Because it aids the movement of potassium, sodium, and calcium in and out of the cell, taurine has been used as a dietary supplement for epileptics, as well as for people who have uncontrollable facial twitches.[36]

According to animal studies, taurine produces an anxiolytic effect and may act as a modulator or antianxiety agent in the central nervous system by activating the glycine receptor.'

If you take Magnesium Taurate at night this could help with dampening down your 'fight or flight' responses.

Hope something you've read from everyone's responses helps you!

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there are so many replies im overwhelemd thankyou every one so much

One step & site at a time... deep breath & breathe❤️

Alpha GPC stimulates the parasympathetic nervous systems into action and relaxes you. L-Tryptophan at night I find much more relaxing than 5-HTP, which I also found made me anxious.

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I agree that 5Htp is much hyped but doesn't deliver.

Tryptophan is found in some foods, turkey, oats etc and a bowl of porridge at 8pm is a good idea.

Theanine can be added to coffee, so the caffeine won't cause palps - much the same as a cup of tea.

Taurine is added to the caffeine in Red Bull to prevent palps.

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thankyou so much

I tried taurine,5HTP,theanine,biotin,lysine,as well as numerous herbs like passiflora,lime flower...

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