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Thyroid or Bipolar

Hi, I started out with cyclic depression over a six week basis, was then diagnosed with Bipolar syndrome and Sleep apnoa. I have all the symptoms of thyroid desease and the last endo wrote down that i was biochemically euthyroid and I had a heart murmur. I believe that thyroid problems can give symptoms like this. I have had innumerable blood tests but they always come back WITHIN THE RANGE.

Has anyone had similar and where do i go from here because lets face it its my body and my symptoms, I know that i have thyroid problems but how do i convince them

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Are you seeing anyone for the mental health side of things (psychiatrist perhaps)? If so, I would discuss it with them. They can sometimes be more open to thyroid issues than GPs and Endos.

Do you have the actual results of your latest thyroid test? It may be that your TSH and T4 are acceptable, but your T3 is not. Inappropriate T3 level (too much or too little) can most definitely be a cause of mental illness.

If possible, do some research on the subject, print out relevant info and take to all your doctors to read. If you haven't already seen this website, it's worth a look


You should always ask for the exact test results including the range and make a note of them. Might be a good idea to ask for thyroid antibody tests too as this can cause swinging from hyper to hypo with the relevant changes in symptoms.


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