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Help with upcoming T3/BH blood test



I am on T3 only and I am having BH tested along with my T3 , T4 in blood test next week .

I have not heard of BH before can someone tell me what it means and does it usually require fasting.

Thank you for your past help it is reassuring to know there are others like me who I can count on when faced with something new.

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I've never come across a BH test before, how is it written on the form ?

kipper2 in reply to bantam12

Hello bantam 12

Now I feel really silly I have gone back to look more closely at the form and it is TS as part of TSH .

The writing is very distorted but on looking closer I can see what she has written.

Thank you for your help ,

Kipper 2

bantam12 in reply to kipper2

Sounds more likely 😉

Might it be to measure beta-hydroxybutyrate to evaluate "ketone-producing metabolic energy deficits that usually occur when there is insufficient carbohydrate metabolism, thereby increasing the catabolism of fatty acids"?

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