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off topic-- any recommendations please, I need a new vaccuum


i have been on the reviews and think i find a likely one then see adverse opinions. i want a lightweight one as i have stairs and back trouble but i want one that really really really really sucks up hair , unlike rapunzel here with 6ft glorious hair , mine falls out all the time and sticks to the carpet, olus i want a bendy one that gets under furniture and in crevices and round corners.i dont want much do I, but there must be one out there?

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I bought a German SEBO Felix Pet because of its relatively light weight at the time, and its quality. As its name implies, it is designed for pet hair collection. It picks up the copious amounts of my fallen hair, that of my cats, their food that's been knocked out of bowls and dried into lumps, and all scattered silicate cat litter granules yuk. However, the latest cordless technology such as that developed by Gtech and similar has resulted in much lighter machines, probably half the weight even of mine. If I were replacing mine, having looked at the various ones currently being marketed, I'd go with Gtech myself; and looking at its reviews, of nearly 14,000 reviewers, 85% awarded 5/5 and 10% awarded 4/5. But my SEBO is more than equal to the challenge of my hair.

maisie the lady in hughes electrical formaly tower also said sebo but it was a cylinder and not small, i have stairs - not bothered about a cord as she said corded are always stronger suction but i too have much fallen hair, which is is fodder for carpet beetles which i dont want. ar eyou saying that you would still go for sebo?

bluepettals2 Yes there's a cylinder version but mine's an upright. My hair is well below shoulder length right now and I've just checked - there's not a single hair around my roller brushes, which has surprised even me, as I never think to look lol. When I was choosing mine, I went to a large store and lifted all the cleaners on and off the shelves several times, to see how they felt, because it's not just the weight but the distribution of the weight and where the handle is, when thinking of carrying it. To answer your question, if health and stairs weren't increasingly likely to be a problem, I'd stay with a SEBO; as they are both likely to be more challenging with time, I'd definitely swap to a gtech if I need to replace mine.

thanks maisie- i am a bit torn between the two. sebo or gtech, no one has mentione dyson?


I have the Sebo that Maisie is talking about. I needed a lightweight vacuum cleaner and bought that because I'd done a lot of research and compared weights of different ones and that seemed to be the lightest. I found it too heavy for me and had to buy a second one and leave one upstairs and one downstairs. There was no way I could clean stairs with it anyway as it's an upright.

Next I bought one of those stick vacuum cleaners where the dust collector is at the handle end, on offer at The Original Factory Shop for £39.95. Waste of money, in a few short months the connector for the tubes broke and the vacuum's performance was pretty naff anyway. It proved the saying "buy cheap, buy twice".

I then bought the GTech AirRam cordless, I purchased the bundle with the hand held Multi. Not cheap but it solved the problem. The Multi is great for the stairs.

I have 2 x Sebo vacuums sitting in a cupboard that I'll never use.

By the way, whatever one you buy, you will find that the hair, if long, will wrap around the brushes (if they are beater type brushes) and you will have to manually pull it off occasionally.

thankyou seaside susie, ar eyou saying gtech? does it get into/ under furniture?

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to bluepettals2

Yes, I'm saying Gtech. I found the Sebo too heavy despite it being the lightest of all those uprights I looked at at the time.

Sebo is 6.8kg and the Gtech is 3.2kg.

The current Gtech is an updated version of mine, it has a better dust emptying facility.

The Gtech flattens (look at the picture in the link I gave you, it goes under that sofa) but of course it depends how high your furniture legs are. It doesn't go under any of mine but my furniture is only a couple of inches off the ground, there isn't the big gap with mine like there is in that picture on their website.

I have Gtech, it’s brilliant for everything, but it doesn’t go under my furniture which is 4” high (just measured to reply).

My hubby uses the handheld one a lot for the stairs and dusting our conservatory.

I love using the upright one because of the versatility, ie: no wretched cord to worry about. Easy to carry upstairs because it has 2 handles, one is on the stem at the front facing forwards which makes carrying it a breeze.

I don't know if they've changed SeasideSusie but on my SEBO the bottom part (the bulk of the weight) comes off for doing the stairs or the car etc. Glad you like the gtech too.

SeasideSusieAdministrator in reply to MaisieGray

I never tried that Maisie, it was just too heavy all round for me. I would have bought mine about 7 years ago.

Yes me too, about the same time. I'm fine going up and down stairs with it at the moment, even with spine problems and kyposcoliosis, but I agree with you that there are much lighter options available now which, if weight is a problem, should be serious contenders.

just looked at video of e3 sebo, its quite big, what model is yours if the top come soff that sounds good

Felix Pet

thanks maisie

Bosch rechargeable upright, gets rid of all our dog hair.

what model bantam

Athlet All Floor but it's a couple of years old so there will be a newer model available by now.

We also have a Dyson and a Pifco but the Bosch is the best one.

thankyou girls i shall check all these out

I e just bought a Sharp. I already have a light one but since breaking my wrist I am struggling to lift anything upstairs so thought to look for another to leave on the other level. I've fall in love with it. It's a bit expensive but it ticks so many boxes and has a brush for pet hair-mind falls out a lot! My son in law called in the other week and I did a demonstration and he was surprised how quiet it is. It's a cordless but good suction and is a liftaway so easier to do stairs and they do a huge range and no I'm not on commission!!!!!

I love my Shark Rocket. It's lightweight, turns on a dime, sucks up everything & has bright lights. I have cats & dogs, so lots of hair. Don't buy a Dyson. Expensive junk. Wish I hadn't bought the one I used to have.

bluepettals2 in reply to G2G2

i dont have pets but my own hair is fallingout but i have so litttlel left now but i intend to get my flippinghair back on my head - but the hair sticks to the carpet so i have bocsh, shark, g tech, sebo to choose from. thelightweight and hair sucking up willbe the one, but diciding oh dear..

G2G2 in reply to bluepettals2

So many choices. I have rugs & hardwood floors. Shark is the best vacuum I've had for cleaning carpet & rugs.

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