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2nd lot of test results.... Unsure what is happening and if I'm still classed as having subclinical hypothyroidism/Hashimotos!??


Hello everyone, I'm hoping you'll will be able to help me. I have just received my 2nd lot of test results. According to the results It looks like everything is reducing or increasing as they should be BUT I'm still having sore throats, headaches, tenderness on arms, legs, torso, brain fog, scalloped tongue, lethargic etc etc.

I'm currently on 50mcg Levothyroxine per day. I've also gone Gluten free over the last couple of weeks.

Due to see my GP next week but I'm really not sure if I am still classed as having subclinical hypothyroidism/ Hashimotos or even a Thyroid issue. I got so much to learn about this health issue and I'm really sorry to bother everyone and being a bit thick!

I've put the results in the picture attached. The top photo is the results from 04/09/2018 and the bottom photo are the results received today (19/10/2018).

Can I thank everyone for help, advice and support..... I don't know what a lot of the members would do without this forum xxx

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Once you've had a positive antibody test, showing Hashi's, you have it for life. Antibodies fluctuate, so future test might show lower levels, but that doesn't mean the Hashi's has gone. There is no cure. So, yes, you still have Hashi's, so yes, you will still be hypo without the levo.

In fact, both the results and your symptoms are telling this that 50 mcg is not enough for you. You need an increase in dose. How long have you been on the 50? It's only a starter dose, and should be increased by 25 mcg after six weeks.

And your B12 is much too low, and that will be adding to your symptoms.

And, you're not thick, and you're not bothering anybody. You are just in the learning phase that everybody has to go through until it starts to make sense. So, don't be so hard on yourself! :)

Bellesbus in reply to greygoose

Thanks for your replies. And thanks for your help. I've been on 50mcg for 6 weeks but will go to my GP next week and show him my results. I feel so sickly at the moment. I feel worse than I did before taking Levothyroxine. I'll also talk to him about my B12 levels and see what can be done. I'll post what happens. Many thanks ❤️

greygoose in reply to Bellesbus

You're welcome. :)

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