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Pill combinations


Hello all,

I know I can’t take any vitamins, magnesium or iron at the same time as my t3 or t3, but I wondered whether I can take my one a day Thorne adrenal cortex with my morning t3&4?

Any ideas? I’m currently taking quite a lot of supplements and pills that I cant take together and I’d like to simplify things so there are some points in the day when I can eat!!!

Thank you!

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No. You can't take anything with your T4 and T3 - except, possibly, vit C. But, you can take that with anything. You need to leave at least two hours between thyroid hormones and supplements/medication - four hours for iron, magnesium, calcium, vit D, estrogen.

I know it's difficult, and sometimes something has to give, but taking anything with your thyroid hormone would be shooting yourself in the foot.

You can take most vitamins and minerals together except iron. Iron must be taken at least two hours away from everything else.

Ok. Thank you for the advice.

You're welcome. :)

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