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Persistent left abdominal pain and back pains at night

My son, 16 years of age has this cramping pain for a week now. blood test, urine, colonoscopy!, stomach xray is normal. He is taking buscopan, psyllium and pain meds when needed. There is gurgling sound in his stomach and he thinks it is gas but cannot pass the gas out.

We have seen the GP and other doctors but they don't know what it is.

Please help. any other ideas please

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Sorry Woodsjar, but nobody here can diagnose, there are no medical professionals. This is a Thyroid patient forum.


Perhaps make a visit to a holistic doctor it could be something that could be sorted out what about a good probiotic. I usually take the paper test PH urine to see if my PH is unbalanced as well. These strips can be purchased on the internet for little money.


Yes another forum best if you want others' experiences eg registrt nhs.uk/Conditions/Irritable...

Footnote: Note that some/all of drugs you listed can have side effects such as the cramping one. Personally I'd seek out natural solutions if only for that reason.


Hi Woodsjar,

I would agree with the probiotic comment wholeheartedly,plus looking holistically, and also take alook at Patrick Holfords books particularly the gut one, plus Chris Kressler (or Kresser, apologies for any name spelling mistake) and Dr Axe, their sites have helped me enormously once i'd had all the relevent tests and a Professor of 'complex-gut-issues' drew a blank.

It is always good to rule out things with the standard testing, now its a question of what food irritates or doesnt get digested properly. Always good to ask for coliac screening (a blood test,(your son needs to be eating gluten minimum 6 weeks before this test, this test does not diagnose 'gluten sensitivity')

You could try getting him to swallow say 5 sunflower seeds whole, and asking him to check daily when they appear in the stool, ideally it will be the next day, as elimination of a meal in a healthy gut should be between 12 and 20 hrs, if its longer than that then fermentation builds up, creating gas and pain.

So always good to keep a diary of whats being eaten, what symptoms are produced, how long after the meal was eaten.

I would not recommend leaving out any food groups without first seeking a professional nutritional advice.

Sometimes it can be the most unlikely thing that can upset the systom, such as a tiny additive in a favourite dessert of brand of cereal, probiotics and prebiotics settle the gut, there is loads of info out there, and may take a little while to resolve,

Every best wish G.


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