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Symptoms worsening around that time of the month 😖


Hi 👋

Just wondering if anyone else experienced worsening of symptoms around their time of the month(have had all hormone tests for the menopause and were negative) the hot flushes and night sweats are unbearable and I feel like a mad woman also 🙈 thanks x

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Hi there I wrote something similar a few months back, I have hashi/graves and iron defiencey and have noticed a pattern of feeling worse a couple of days before my period, I become very hot, breathy, trembles etc and my thyroid swells too, you are not mad, I'm sure others will comment too, I do have hot sweats as well at times but I'm also in early meno too. The joys eh!!🙌

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Thanks, I’m getting it like a week before and they settle a few days after coming off! I find the hot sweats unbearable! Hope ur symptoms settle down a bit for you soon x

very much so. I have endometriosis and various other autoimmune disorders too. And this happens to me every month, sweating, weight gain, bloating, fatigue, depression anxiety and my autoimmune rashes and joint pain flare up badly. It might be worth getting checked for autoimmune disorders like lupus etc and if you are having bad period symptoms seeing a specialist about endometriosis and adenomyosis. I feel so miserable and I cannot do anything much because of symptoms about 1.5 weeks before my period, during it and a couple days after. I really sympathise its rotten. Its very common for alot of disorders to worsen with the monthly cycle, the hormonal changes cause it. I have pots and eds too and my symptoms of these are greatly worsened too. I wish I knew what hormone specifically does it so I could try a birth control but I worry about taking birth control without knowing which hormone(s) are setting it off.

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Hi moomoo, your timing of symptoms are so similar to mine! I think I have hashis, bloody hormones !! They nothing but trouble eh? X

Yes I do. I feel even more exhausted for 1.5 wks around my period possibly more. Alot of other symptoms flare up too. My hormones are all low. They Dr suggested trying birth control pill but I feel scared to. I tried to up my dose of t3 around my period last month. Not sure it made much difference.


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Hi Chloe sorry to hear! I have never tried t3 yet ! Waiting to see specialist and have a scan x


I posted about this quite recently too. I’ve been gradually recovering from what I think was an adrenal crash about a year ago but I’ve always felt worse around the time of my period - usually from a couple of days in until about day 10. I can’t figure it out either, I just know it’s definitely not my imagination, it’s happened so many times now.

I’ve now got some progesterone cream hat I’m going to try as I have some endo symptoms now too, and I’m convinced this is due to oestrogen dominance. I’m hoping this will level everything else out too!

Fingers crossed, but no, you are not mad.... it’s definitely a thing! 😉

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Thanks ! Everyone says it’s the change but I thought the bloods would’ve picked it up! Unless they are hashis flare ups! I keep waking every night too about 3am!I hope you feel better soon hun x

I’m peri-menopausal and do notice changes just before and after my period.

The 24 hours before my throat and neck are tender especially my saliva glands. Then the 2 weeks following I get more hypo and depressed, which is when my estrogen levels are high.

Thankfully I’m not getting very many anymore

Glad it’s settled down for you !! It’s like my body don’t know what it’s doing no more lol !!

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