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Tirosint Tourism + Drug-Gene Testing


Tirosint 25 Mcg 84 capsules costs $431.17 without insurance in the states. It costs me $172.14 “copay” with my insurance.

Tirosint 13 Mcg same quantity as above costs the identical prices (as above).

Synthroid 50 Mcg 45 tablets costs $65.71 without insurance. It costs me $15.29 with insurance (I take these medications on different days because it seems to minimize problems I was experiencing).

I hear Tirosint is Swiss made. Does it cost you any less in Europe? If it does could a nice Swiss vacation help out with medication expenses? Is there a upside to any of this? The photos of the Alps do look rather inviting ...

By the way I did “Pharmacogenomics testing” which entailed one counseling session & a mouth swab. I would highly recommend it. My report is entitled “ONEOME RIGHTMED 22-GENE PGX TEST.” It found I’d have increased /or decreased activity to a number of drugs such as vitamin K, citalopram, analgesic medications, simvastatin, Coumadin, etc. You can read more about Drug-Gene Testing on this site mayo.edu/druggenetesting

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Not sure I'd go to Switzerland for Tirosint.

I'd consider Italy - last I looked, it appeared to be €7.55 for a pack (I think 28). Not necessarily the cheapest but less than the USA!

Note: It could be called Tiche or Syntyroxine depending on country, and the brand name Tirosint is used for products other than the gel caps. There might be some hints in this document - but it does need updating:


Make very sure you know what the prescription requirements are before you even think about travel. And availability.

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