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Blood test results please could someone interpret? Low T3?



I've recently been diagnosed and treated for hypothyroidism and I've persuaded my mum to visit her GP and be tested also as she's been suffering with similar symptoms for years and told she has fibromyalgia.

Her GP tested her reluctantly last week and these bloods have come back and everything appears normal although there is no T4 which seems poor. However her T3 seems low in the range. I'd really appreciate any comments as I'd love to help her find some answers. Thank you.

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As a complete thyroid blood test your mum was only tested for 1 ( TPO) of 2 thyroid autoimmune antibodies and was not tested for the other one, TgAb; my TPO antibodies were normal yet TgAb were very high showing I had Hashimoto's disease. The NHS relies on TPO tests only. Your mum's FT3 is low, but sadly her TSH not high enough to alert doctors to problems with her thyroid health( they treat with levothyroxin if TSH is 10 or over). I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism12 years ago, and 15 months ago also diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Research, including Dr Lowe's archive and Q&As on the Thyroid Uk website, suggests at least some fibromyalgia is the result of undiagnosed or poorly medicated I upped my 'meds' with more levothyroxin and then added T3 to try to raise my FT3 levels to over halfway in range. To do this I have had to go DIY and buy my T3 from has certainly made some difference. Fibromyalgia is such a dead-end diagnosis, actually taking some positive control of health might in itself help her fibromyalgia! Also worth your Mum, and you, getting full folate, ferritin, B12 and Vit D tested...which you might have to do privately thru labs like Medichecks or Blue Horizon, as Gps rarely do them all.

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Me too for the TPO/TgAb. I think I read that 99% of people with the TPO also have the Tg, but when something like Hashis is as common as it is, we one percenters must be a reasonably large number. :( Glad my doc checked both though it didn't affect treatment in my case, it was just an explanation of what was going on. (Not in the UK.) Does the NHS only do the TPO because of that 99% thing?

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Thank you, that's helpful to know. She's going to have a private blood test to get a full picture. How do you go about obtaining T3 from abroad?

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