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Don't understand my results please help


Please can I get some advice. The more I read I seem to get confused .

My blood results come back from the hospital 8 weeks ago. I've since taken a further look at my thyroid results and researching further. I found out from a list I seem to have 13 signs out of 16. I am on HRT since I was 46 from a full hystoretomy 5 years ago. Ive not felt well for long time and The doctor put me on antidepressants but they never seem to work so I took my self of them after 8months ... i feel not better and no worse for coming of them! Because I've been on anti sickness tablets for nearly 10 years they finally decided to investigate... hence the full blood results I received.

On investigation I saw the following levels seemed not quite right. I've not heard from my doctor 're the results . So any help would be amazing . Thanks

These are the figures although I don't understand them.

TSH 5.72 MU/l 0.27-4.2

FREE T4 15.2 PMOl/l 12-22

FERTITIN 92.5 ug/L 10.0 - 291.0

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You seem to be becoming hypothyroid but GPs wait until TSH is 10 before treatment,whereas in some countries 3 is treated.With your symptoms you could ask for a trial of levothyroxine.

I suggest you read up on the Thyroid UK web site for information on the disease and the tests.

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