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Private prescription question...any help please?


Hello everyone,

I am going round and round in circles trying to work out how I am able to get a private prescription that would allow me to source t3 abroad from someone other than my nhs gp. I am currently taking 175mcg levo and 25mcg t3 which I buy through a source. Have been doing this for about a year and really feel well. Private blood tests show I am in range although TSH suppresses as standard and so I am wanting to just continue on in this way. I have however become increasingly worried about the availability of t3 and was thinking that a private prescription would be the way to go to allow me to source this more easily in the event that the way I buy now is no longer possible. I went to a private gp who said that they didn’t prescribe it and wouldn’t. I was wondering about online private gps or anywhere else that I might be able to source a prescription. Anyone have any thoughts or ideas? Thank you 😊

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Thyroiduk have some sympathetic doctors. If you email Dionne at Thyroiduk she has a list but you would have to pay for an appointment which might be pricey. I don't know what doctors charge. Would this one prescription last or would you have to make a request every time you need more? Email below.

Qapl in reply to shaws

Hi shaws - thanks for your reply. I would need to get repeat prescriptions as I went on but just don’t know where to start this process. Good thought about the thyroid uk recommended gps - I don’t mind paying to see someone if I know they will write me the script but I don’t know how to be sure before I go. Last time put me off as I paid but came away empty handed. Having got to the point I am - feeling consistently well - I am loathed to put myself back in the hands of a gp that will have their own views on what is right for me. I believe I have enough of an understanding of the condition and myself to ‘go it alone’ but It’s just that I need the prescription ...... 🙄 thanks

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