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Does anyone get a private prescription for t3 from their GP?

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Hi all!

Just wondering does anyone get a private prescription for t3 from their GP? Or would this have to come from an Endo?

Thank you! 😊

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It's rare that a GP will agree to prescribe T3 on private prescription

If an NHS endocrinologist says you have clinical need you should be prescribed on NHS

If private endo does private prescription, getting T3 from EU is much cheaper

Thybon Henning 20mcg x 100 tablets

thank you so much for your help x

Gcart in reply to abigailfrances

Its worth asking , my GP gives me a privaye script to use for sourcing T3 . Worth asking , good luck.

abigailfrances in reply to Gcart

thank you so much :)

Hidden in reply to SlowDragon

Yes,my NHS Endocrinologist diagnosed my need for T3 and thankfully my GP continues to prescribe it for me.

SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to Hidden

Your GP's insurance probably won't cover them for prescribing a non standard non UK medication.

So if thinking of getting Thybon Henning 20mcg from Germany, they may be reluctant.

thank you all 😊 what would you suggest in order to get a prescription? Thank you

Hidden in reply to SlowDragon

My NHS prescriptions are ActavisT4/Mercury Pharma T3.

I would certainly not want to return to how unwell I was before they were prescribed.I have a good Endo and GP,for which I am grateful.

An endocrinologist prescribed T3 for me 16 years ago, and my GP carried on prescribing it on the NHS till last year. The CCG decided it was too expensive so I just asked my GP to write me private prescriptions instead. She was happy to do that as it doesn't cost the NHS anything. (Β£922 UK, 30EUR Germany) I don't think she would've written them if the endo hadn't done it first though.

that's good to know, thank you for your help 😊

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