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Endocrinologist at Salford

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Just wanted to write something positive. I saw an endo (admin edit to take out name) at Salford Royal. The wait was 18 weeks. He was a lovely man and very helpful. Took time to take a full history including taking account of lifestyle and level of exercise. He really listened to my concerns and agreed with my view that I was under- medicated. Really good experience. I’d definitely recommend this consultant.

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Please contact Louise at Thyroid Uk to recommend him for the Thyroid UK list

Can you send me her email address?

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SlowDragonAdministrator in reply to salsapixie

Here you go

Louise Roberts


That's good to hear salsapixie and I wish he was my endo. Alas too far away. Sounds like he was looking at your whole picture which hopefully will bring you results. It's a talent sadly missing in a lot of health areas but particularly Endos for some reason.

Good luck and well done SallyB

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