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Basal body temperature as a diagnosis of hypo


I was browsing, as you do lol, and came across this site, I'm probably behind everyone else but anyway, it gives a good insight into the low basal rate that can indicate hypothyroidism. The only difficulty I have is the insistence that you can't use a digital thermometer, surely it has to be competent or what's the use of it? Anyway, it may be worth a squint.


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So, what we need to use instead is the old-fashioned mercury thermometer, around which this specific temperature test was originally created and standardized. These type of thermometers can still be found in many chemists/pharmacies, and are not particularly expensive. Another way of finding this style of mercury thermometer is to ask for a mercury-based fertility thermometer.

This is annoying. The author has obviously never tried buying a mercury clinical thermometer in the UK! It's illegal.

Espeegee in reply to humanbean

Just what I've discovered! You can buy a mercury thermometer that's mercury free though 😂

humanbean in reply to Espeegee

Oh yes, that was annoying too. I'm sure if I was clever enough I could do searches that would exclude "mercury-free" results, but I always forget the syntax for anything except the most straightforward searches.

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