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Bro has been on 50mcg of T4 for a month...



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does this look like he needs to increase his dose? His TSH has come down from 9 to 5

his GP appointment isnt for another 2 weeks, but they usually aren't helpful anyway

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Bit soon to be testing, after just one month. Usually it's six weeks. The TSH could have come down a bit further by then. :)


The normal procedure when on Levo, is that you have an increase of 25mcg every 6 weeks with bloods testing TSH, T3 & T4.

50mcg is only a starter dosage, for us to feel well it is advised that your TSH should be 1 or below and T3 & T4 is the higher figure of the ranges, but, most importantly it is how we feel.

Your brother needs an increase in levo as the TSH is still too high.

When testing for thyroid always have bloods taken before 9am, and don't take levo beforehand, drink water only and no eating.

We pass this tip to each other on here and there is no need to mention this to the GP/Nurse or endo. Testing your thyroid early in the morning always gives you a high TSH reading, this enables us to get that much needed increase in levo without having to beg the GP, and or, gives us the treatment we need on the NHS.

Best Wishes


Jeppy in reply to Peanut31


About this, please can You help me here, I'm so cmfused re this as isn't the t4 over the top of range? Can you keep going? And I'd have thought that was a reasonable amount of free t3 as near the top,

What am I not understanding please? Anybody?


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