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Has anyone tried Allergy research group's natural glandular. It has 40 mgs of bovine NDT in each capsule. I have no thyroid (Hashimoto's) and though I'm holding steady on T4 alone I've had a huge heart problem ( 5 bypasses) and dont want it to happen again. I know this is partly a vitamin problem - I eat THE most healthy diet and take supplements but I am still limited on energy, cognitive abilities and general get up and go. Any experience or thought around this?

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I haven't used it, it sounds similar to Metavive IV which is bovine glandular but is a 65mg capsule whereas Allergy Research is 40mg. Although the exact amounts are unknown, there will be some T3 as well as T4 in them.

What are your current test results (with ranges) - thyroid and vitamins, maybe there's something we can see there that can be improved.

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