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Still mtr bites


Still in France and squadrons of biting insects are bearing down on me. Have been bitten all along my bra line and in places my husband hasn’t even seen in years!

Got some anti-histamine tablets yesterday. Showed the pharmacist the list of what I was taking. This morning feel dreadful. I know I had an AF episode last night, but has anyone else had such a strong reaction?


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Did you take your little bottle of White Flower with you - mentioned on your last post two months ago. You were going to order some. It is also works well when you have been bitten .... :-)

Was already away when posted and we move around every week. Met someone who takes garlic tablets but think I’ll post on that one

That sounds like harvest mites, which you get in some areas of France. When we lived in the country, I couldn't go out in the garden in August, when they were at their height. They like some people better than others, and they loved me! But, they'll all be gone soon. :)

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