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Posting test results. Please help

Hi, following my post yesterday i was asked to get a print out of my blood tests to see if you can advise me further.

Here they are;

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Ahhh i am unable to post the rest.


You can only post one photo per thread. Are your other results about thyroid? Because there's nothing on that photo that refers sepcifically to thyroid, and that's the results we're interested in seeing. So, if you have TSH, FT4, FT3 and antibodies, I would post them rather than the photo above. :)


Yeah i have i am just going to have to type out results as i have a few pages.


OK :)


Only tested for TSH and that was 1.73,

There is a test for C-Reactiv Prot. <5 mg/L

Vit B12 - 309

Serum Folate - 3.8

And a few other tests that i do not know what they are for.


I'm afraid a TSH on its own really doesn't tell you much. Yours is higher than I would want mine, but that means nothing. You also need FT4/3 and antibodies to know anything about your thyroid status. Doctors are such dummies, they think they can know everything by the TSH, like looking in a crystal ball!

Is that B12 active or serum? Should tell you on the print-out. If it's active, it's well over-range. If it's serum, it's a bit low - as is your folate.


Thank you Grey Goose,

I will try and send u a picture to your inbox of the vitamin B 1.


Sorry, you can't do that. Just tell me what it says here. :)


I can not send a picture. So frustrating.

It just states Vitamin B12ng/L then under it 309 and the box beside that says: Serum Folate ug/L then under that heading 3.8.


The figures without ranges are not very useful as ranges differ from lab to lab. I can just about make out that on the pic you posted there are ranges in the header columns .However best to type up as your pic on my pad is sideways on and trying to turn it just sends it sideways in another plane.


Hi Treepie,

I only got my TSH done in regards to Thyroid. So the range was 0.35 - 5.00 and mine was 1.73.

I had other bloods done including B12 but dont think it is active B12. It said the range was 180- 900 and mine was 309. Serum Folate was another one listed. Range 2.1 -14.0 and it said mine is 3.8.

So after discussion with this great support network on another post i have paid for private testing for the whole thyroid range and a few other things. I want to get a better picture as i know my body and i am really struggling now.

Thank you

Everyone has been amazing.


Many on here do private testing, a way of taking control of your health.

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