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persistant UTI's are driving me crackers i found


a site with a lotof info, live uti free--i discvered there is embedded uti and biofilms and reliability of strips and tests are Not reliable- an dthatis from a uti doctor.. after so many antibiotics i am disparing - th elast sample came from from lab negative but i have all the rotten symptoms things like d mannose is not strong enough now

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D-mannose is only (if at all) effective for ecoli bacteria, have you tried topical hrt for vaginal atrophy because that will give the same symptoms as a uti, it does work.

using that estradiol from gyno' bantam

Maybe it's not working for you, try a different one.

it estriol sorry from hospital for internal use

But it may not suit you, some I've used have made things worse so I was prescribed different ones until I found one which solved the problem, I'm also on long term low dose antibiotic which is working well.

oh i see , i think thatis all he prescribes but i will ask- also how do you know if the antibiotic you are taking is th eright one as the infections are all different. i havehad loads of different antibiotics for different infections

thyr01d in reply to bluepettals2

The lab grows the bacterium that is present in your sample and from that can tell which antibiotic would be the correct one.

Also, relating to the vaginal atrophy problem, my GP has just changed me from little pills to insert into the vagina, which I'd been using for 12 months but continued to have symptoms similar to those of a UTI, onto a cream to insert and within days I felt much better. She explained that quite a few women find that the pills do not spread around the whole vagina and are not so effective as the cream which seems to reach everywhere. She warned that it would be messy, and it is, but it's well worth it for the relief.

Hi Bluepwttals,

I’ve been there. Found that staying hydrated and keeping away from triggers like soda pop, red wine and spicy foods helps tremendously. I used to be house bound so often and now I don’t even remember last time I had any issues.

Hope this helps!

bluepettals2 in reply to AnnaSo

hi anna i dont drink fizzy stuff and dont have spicy food and always drinking water- at wits end! really fedup- i am on ndt. mylast antibodies were very low

AnnaSo in reply to bluepettals2

I know this may seem odd BUT do you take vitamins D?

Pearl barley boiled until soft whisked into soup consistency cooled drained and kept in fridge,drink third of cup three times per day for few days and following week your infection will be gone, it is very good at lining tubes n bugs cannot cling ,check for reactions with any other drugs u may be taking-has worked great for me for years. Good luck.

thankyou i had not heard of that.

pearl barly drained, > if itis whisked into soup consistancy how can i drain it, sorryto be dumb


I suffered for over 10 years of monthly or even twice monthly uti’s. Last year I started bleeding constantly as well. I saw a gynaecologist who recommended the mirena coil for the bleeding. I noticed my uti’s were less frequent. I then started using the estrogen patch for hot flushes and low and behold my uti’s have gone away! It seems I was suffering from early menopause but as it was never tested. I’ve had lots of tests etc but never a test on my hormones levels. If you are possibly menopausal you should get it checked as uti’s are a known symptom. I get some discomfort in my kidneys now and then but only after I’ve had sugar so I try and avoid if possible.

I hope it helps

I totally agree with everything you have suggested, they think my 12 year old daughters were maybe caused by sugar being in her wee, so we drastically changed her diet.😁 and the hormone thing plays a part too.

Hi bluepetals I feel for you, I used to get them often years ago but now get them around twice a year but my 13 year old up until recently started having them from the age of 11, she saw a specialist who now as discharged all she has gone 7 months without one- my daughter does not drink fruit juices...worst thing ever especially orange juice its a major trigger, she only eats fruit Like apples and melon as other fruits will trigger.

I'm not going to patronise you and say hygiene and all that as everyone knows that.

I was also told by gynae as women in the age bracket of forties and fifties can be prone to more uti's as the walls of the vagina are a lot more thinner so hence infection is easy absorbed there but also hormone triggers can happen

Constipation is another trigger too.

You are right as labs do not give them long enough to see if bacteria grows it needs to be left at least 4_5 days, 2days is never enough!! I always take amoxycillan 500mgs for at least 6 days I will not use anything else...also GPS fob you off with 3 days this too is not long enough my as not cleared by then, I always go back for more, my old gp who was brilliant said to me always take a double dose with the first tablet it knocks it on the head quickier.

I know you have them often from previous posts but can you say you are having problems and get a referral, a lady at work was having them all the time she was referred and found out she had something called a boggy womb/bladder... Google it, may help!! I think my daughters were caused by her body changing for periods and also she had too much sugar in her wee.. which we had to cut out refined sugars, touch wood....nothing so far!!

I know what I've wrote is not a cure but one thing may help👍. Hope your sister is OK bp.

Mine stopped after many years of bladder problems when I came off T4 and went on to T3 only 6 years ago. Subsequently Dr Peatfield's diagnosis of my not converting well has been confirmed by the D102 test.

DippyDame in reply to WildDeer

Gosh that's interesting, my bladder problems are reducing! I didn't make the T4 = reducing (no) UTIs. I'm homozygous DIO2 (three letters and a number, not a letter and three numbers).

WildDeer in reply to DippyDame

Thanks for putting me right! I'm glad the T3 only is making your bladder happy. I spent so many years having to live with niggling urges and infections,having to think where the next toilet might be,having furtive pees behind bushes etc. Since being on T3 my bladder mostly only signals when it's getting full, and it's such a pleasure1

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