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what do you think this could be?


elderly brotherinlaw lost lots of weight quickly, supposed to be anemic and WAS on b12- but now not supposed to be anemicor b12 deficient---- that is odd for a start- but now can hardly walk and muscles and bones hurt- he struggles to get in and out of chairs he has had loads of tests but i doubt if vit d has been done. but hasn't lost his appetite, ideas please?

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Is he on a statin? Or any other medication, prescribed or bought over the counter?

no statins no pills i dont think

actually after my own prblems with gut- i remember he has gut probs too and i am wondering if he has some sort of gut /bacteria probs although i havent lost weight but he is losing it daily

When I developed Graves Disease I lost masses of weight and my thigh muscles pretty much wasted away. I could barely walk and definitely couldn’t get up if I got down to ground level for any reason.

Years ago I was started on a statin - only took it for two weeks at the most - and I could barely walk after just a few tablets. I was going to say I didn’t lose weight but I didn’t take it for long enough.

I do think though that if he is losing weight very quickly and suddenly without being on any kind of diet then your cousin needs to go and visit his doctor and tell him he wants his sudden weight loss investigated. He could always ask to have his B12 and D etc checked out again.

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