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Does anyone know how I can get hold of T3 without a doctor’s prescription? I am going round in circles with my GP. He does not believe that Levothyroxine is causing my muscles to ache even though I proved it by taking myself of medication for two months. I only went back on Levothyroxine because the other symptoms became intolerable and the aching muscles became the lesser evil. I want to see if I will fair better on T3. My GP won’t even consider it and says that my aches and pains are part and parcel of my Hypothyroid condition, in other words, live with it! Can anyone recommend a sympathetic private endocrinologist or a chemist who will supply T3?

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Are you in the U.S or U.K. Any endo can prescribe you T3 in the States & it's usually covered by insurance. Otherwise you'll have to buy it & I know many others here will know where you can do that because, believe me, money is the only "power" that all mankind appears to fall down before.

Have been reading your post /thread of two years ago. Are you still on a starter dose of 50mcg ? Also your Ferritin was low and you were waiting on results for B12 - Folate & VitD. If all those vitamins and minerals are still low then I am afraid T3 will not be a solution. I have read a few posts where people have gone ahead with T3 and then had a problem due to low levels. Members will PM you with info of where to buy - sorry cannot help with that bit !


In the UK you cannot source T3 (liothyronine) without a prescription.

Those who have knowledge of where to source T3 will respond and I will close your post so that information isn't put on the Open Forum. Those that have info will send you a private message.

To soure T3 in the UK at present is astronomical about £500 or £600 a month I think.

There is a case before The Lords and Dr Hunt and the following is self-explanatory.


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