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Posting prematurely but ... normal thyroid function?


This is a bit of a pointless post so feel free to skip lol but I posted recently and gave two lots of my blood results for opinions (there were loads of helpful replies). Having only tested for TCH and fT4 I was recommended to try a private test.

I finally built up the courage (I’m such a wimp) to stab myself with the lancet this morning (phew!!) and results go in the post today for thyroid + vits (Medicheck) so when these are through I’ll post for advice.

In the meantime I’ve had my thyroid function tests back from the gp and these are now within ‘normal’ range. No further action required apparently.

TCH 0.24 (0.2-4.5)

FT4 12.9 (9-24)

I was originally diagnosed as hyper and told I have Graves. Given carbimazole and sent in my way. I complained my symptoms were more hypo than hyper but was told to carry on.

I reduced then stopped taking the carbimazole as it was making me feel awful and I’ve been off it for a few months and it would appear my results have stabilised? Would you agree?

I now wonder if I ever had a thyroid problem in the first place. I was suffering from tachycardia (other heart issues rules out) but nothing much else.

My bloods don’t look like the hypo results I’ve seen on here either.

I am awaiting the results from Medicheck as this will show antibodies and any vitamin deficiencies (struggled with B12 in the past) -and hopefully give more answers.

I suspect that if I have anything it’s hashi’s but I’m fairly convinced now I’m not hyper. I put on a stone in a month and have a host of other hypo symptoms now but maybe it’s not related at all and I’m just getting older!

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I'm getting the feeling, reading your post, that you may be yet another member who was given Carbimazole without having TSI/TRAb antibodies tested which are the antibodies for Graves (one cause of hyperthyroidism).

There are a few thoughts going on in my head but I wont elaborate on them until you post your Medichecks results as I may be on the wrong track.

Make a new post when you get your results back. If you've not already posted your sample, my advice would be to hand your envelope over the Post Office counter and pay for Special Delivery Guaranteed by 1pm Next Day and keep hold of your receipt as it has the tracking number on it and you can check when it is delivered. That should then be delivered to the lab by 9am tomorrow and you should get your results on Thursday. If you've asked for Doctor's Comments it may take an extra day.

Please include the reference ranges with the results in your new post and either link back to this post or include some background again so members understand what's been going on before commenting.

For those following this - I’m going to start a new post with my Medicheck results and I’m not sure how to link this post.

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