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T3 and Amazon


Dear People

I am seeking another blood test with my doctors as I’m pretty sure I’m not converting well and my symptoms prior to diagnosis are returning.

Anyway to get to the point, I’ve looked at buying T3 online and Amazon seems to have loads of the stuff, I can only imagine it’s not what our members take or is it? Surely if it was okay to buy on Amazon members wouldn’t struggle like they do?

Please can anybody pm me with details of how to source T3 from abroad or is Amazon okay?

Many thanks for your help and time x

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Thyroid Hormones in the UK are prescription only, so we cannot post on the forum of where to source without one.

Members will respond by a Private Message to you and I will close the post so that no info is inadvertently posted.

I would be very wary of purchasing from a source which may not be reliable or authentic T3.

Usually, when on thyroid hormones and symptoms begin to return, that is when we need small increases until you reach an optimum dose i.e. you feel well with no symptoms. The only problem is the GPs or Endos who fail to realise this fact and who believe it is the 'result' which gives them more information than asking about the patient's symptoms and are they relieved. .



It is not T3 as in Liothyronine that is sold on that website, they are supplements aimed at stimulating the thyroid. Steer well clear.

If anyone PMs you with a source of supply for T3, as a precaution you may wish to contact one of the Admin Team to ensure any information you have been sent is for a genuine supplier.

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